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How to stay on top of ‘virtual’ University

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As a History of Art undergraduate, I have been struggling with managing my course as well as balancing time to relax too. It is completely understandable that in these unprecedented times it can be hard to be on top of things; and it is super easy to fall behind when schedule seems to have completely disappeared. As well as this, I have both experience online university from home and from campus.

For both those staying at home and on campus, here are some apps and tips to stay organised and focused throughout the day.

  • Notion- Notion is an organisation app that can be downloaded on your phone and your laptop. Not only does this mean that data is saved on both, but that it is super easily accessible. Using Notion (and some help from a flatmate) I was able to organise my notes into their modules, as well as note down my assignments. On Notion itself there are so many tutorials to organise finances, education and just tasks for daily life. It is basically a virtual diary that can store all your documents!
  • Forest- During GCSE’s I struggled to keep a focus whilst I was doing assignments and found that my phone completely distracted me. So, I downloaded the app Forest, which not only helps keep me focused, but also helps the environment too. Using the app, you can set a timer for up to two hours that ultimately locks your phone from going on other apps. In that time, you grow trees and collect coins and when you reach a certain amount of coins, the company plants a tree in real life. So not only are you doing your work; you are also contributing to a more green planet.
  • Headspace- Headspace is the perfect app to wind down to in the evening and relieve you of any stress. With breathing exercises, and sleep podcasts it can help you to relax and fall asleep if that has been something you have been struggling with. As well as this, considering we are all currently staring at screens for the majority of the day; it can take you away from that and help you to engage your other senses instead.
  • Walks- To break up the day I recommend going on walks, not only does this give you time away from the screen but it also means that you can get in some daily exercise too.

For those at home I recommend designating a space for you to work in away from your bed. Working at home, I found I would just work in bed all day and felt super groggy. Instead, use another workspace; possibly a desk away from your room, or a dining table. Whilst it’s so easy to just stay in bed, it’s super efficient to differentiate the space you sleep in and the space you work in.

For those on campus I recommend using the library spaces available to us, being stuck in a flat can become quite monotonous, so being able to go to the learning grid means you won’t be stuck in your room all day. Organising kitchen study sessions with your flatmates could be beneficial too as you will all be working simultaneously.

Hope these tips help!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Anything creative related! Or even just generally about life here…
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