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How to stay busy!

Hi everyone!


I hope that everyone is staying safe and indoors! Following on from my last post, I wanted to stress that whilst our academics and revision is incredibly important, even in these uncertain times, so is our physical and emotional well-being, so I wanted to include a few things that I do to unwind from all the studying  and now I have even more time to enjoy.


If you’re like me and find that you need to have a plan and a routine to ensure you get all your work done (which I would recommend to everyone) it is also key that you plan a few ‘lazy days’ for yourself or at least a few hours each day to focus on yourself.


So, here are my top ways to spend your time in lockdown: (other than studying!)


1 – Stay Active

Whether it’s going for a walk around your local park or even doing an at home workout, I’ve found that doing some form of exercise at least every other day is rejuvenating and refreshing and stops me from feeling lethargic.


2 – Try something new

We all have those times when we say we’ll pick up a new hobby but now we actually have the perfect opportunity so for me that’s baking and scrapbooking.


3 – Films, Books and TV

And of course, you can use your breaks from the revision to catch up on any tv programmes you’ve missed or finally read that book that you’ve been putting off for months.


So those are just a few quick tips on how to keep yourself busy during this time but don’t worry because it won’t last forever if we all keep to ourselves, self- isolate and wash our hands! Before we know it, we will all be back at uni and a sense of normalcy will return but, in the meantime, stay safe everyone!


Simran x

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