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How To Stay Busy During Lockdown 3.0

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With Boris Johnson announcing another national lockdown until the middle of February the days are bound to merge together again. Due to this I have compiled some of the ways that I plan to stay busy over lockdown that might be useful to you too:

  1. Start a new hobby- Over lockdown I started to experiment with different creative processes. I began to draw more, and even started gifting people with paintings that I had created. By working towards a painting I was able to stay organised and it also helped me to reduce stress. Recently a new hobby that I have developed is making rings and crochet; which are two things that I never expected to enjoy. Give something new a go, and you might find that you really like it!
  2. Start Journaling- Since it is term time, there are exams and assignments coming up. Because of lockdown it can be hard to organise yourself and you might find yourself leaving everything to the last minute. Instead, to try and tackle this problem journaling might be the solution. In creating a to-do-list you can hold yourself accountable to finishing assignments in a good time frame as well as having the time for yourself. Writing down what you’ve done during the day, as well as thoughts and feelings can also mean that there is physical proof of progress. I think sometimes we forget how hard we work and by writing it down we can be proud of our achievements!
  3. Find a good book to read- I have started to get back into reading for leisure and it has been one of the best things I’ve decided to get back into. There are so many different genres and endless plots to read with a cup of tea during the evening.
  4. Start yoga/ exercising- The Chloe Ting phenomenon was something that spread quickly all over social media during the first lockdown. I was one of the many that took part in her fitness challenges and I really enjoyed them. Recently, I’ve found out that just dance is available on YouTube and have decided that during this lockdown I’ll be working out through dancing. Yoga is also another great alternative to help de-stress!
  5. Learn to bake/cook – If you are living on campus or at home, now is the perfect time to spice things up in the kitchen. With unlimited recipes online, keep a track of all the different dishes that you want to try and then make the time to cook them!
  6. Keep in contact with friends- Throughout the first lockdown, my friendship group would have weekly zoom meetings to catch up. Not only did they stop me feeling lonely, but they were also super entertaining. We had presentation nights, and re-enacted game shows like catchphrase and would I lie to you. Some of my most treasured memories during the first lockdown happened over zoom and whilst not being able to see friends in person is tragic; this method is second best.

But remember don’t be too hard on yourself during lockdown, it’s okay to have good and bad days and it’s perfectly valid to feel unmotivated from time to time in these unprecedented times. Make sure to place special emphasis on your mental health during this time and to check in on friends and family!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Anything creative related! Or even just generally about life here…
Find out more about me Contact Anjalina

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