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How To Spend Your Summer Before Uni


Read as much about Warwick as possible. Only if you feel the need to of course. But I personally wanted to know as much as I could so I wasn’t too surprised by anything when I arrived. Maybe get to know stuff about societies or sports clubs you want to join or visit at the fairs. I looked up other people’s experiences of the accommodation I’d be staying in to try and get a sense of what it’d be like to live there. Maybe research the surrounding areas too that would make good days out at weekends.

Get a job

Let’s face it. Most people use this summer to relax after the stress of A Levels and before the stress of uni begins. For some people, a job is the last thing they want at this time. But I promise you, you won’t regret it. So many people have money problems while studying at uni and working in the holidays can really help you avoid this. I personally would never work while at uni because I want to make the most of the experience and don’t want to miss out on anything because if work, so I always just work quite a lot in the holidays instead when I don’t have much else to think about or do.


Start making lists of what to pack early! This way, you’ll have enough time to resource items that you need. There are plenty of sample checklists online that you could use as a base. Also consider what room decorations you’ll take; I urge you to take as many as possible, to make it feel homely.


Ok so this is stretching it a bit, but if you want to get ahead on your course, maybe consider doing a bit of reading of books on your reading list (ok I’ll shut up now)

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