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How To Spend Your Easter

While the Easter holiday is longer than the Christmas one, it feels infinitely more hectic. Here’s how to make the best use of your time.


Seriously. I always find term 2 the most stressful. You NEED a break from everything, whether that’s from work or socialising. Catch up on all the Netflix you haven’t had time to watch during term time (I certainly am!), spend a day just reading a book, or if you really want a taste of the good life, don’t leave the house for a whole day! Not only does everyone deserve a well-earned rest, but having the time to do nothing and get bored is likely to make your more motivated and productive when you do decide that it’s time to get some work done.


Similarly, if you didn’t get much chance to spend time with your friends during term time, then now’s the time. This could mean actually acting on the promise to visit your friends at their uni, or if you’re going back home make sure you make an effort to see your friends from school because you’ve probably forgotten how much you like and have missed each other. Tomorrow, I’m going on tour to Croatia with some of my closest friends from dance and I couldn’t be more excited! Especially because the relaxing few days we have there will be such a contrast to the stressful term we’ve all just had.


Gotta be done at some point. Feel free to take the first half of your Easter holidays off though (unless you have two deadlines in the first two weeks of the holidays like me… I love my lecturers…). If there’s no urgent deadlines, make sure to spread your work out. There’s no point making yourself unhappy by spending the whole day in the library, apart from if your dissertation is looming. Make sure you get regular exercise and do normal human being activities that make your life bearable. It’s called the holidays for a reason; I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to turn into a workaholic in term 3 don’t worry…

Bits and bobs

Use your spare time to do little things that need doing but that you’ve been putting off. For example, I’m sure a lot of student houses will need a deep clean by this point in the academic year. Go for a walk somewhere where you’ve never gone before. Maybe check your finances and re-assess your budgeting if anything appears out of place; if necessary maybe earn a bit of extra cash if needed from a part-time job.

You have over a month of holidays; the important thing is that you feel up-to-date with basically everything in your life so that you can start term 3 feeling relaxed and refreshed instead of stressing over things that you should’ve done or are yet to do. Make sure you’re productive with your time, whatever that may involve. Hope you find this useful!

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