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How to Spend Spare Time on Campus

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Warwick’s campus was one of the major draws for me wanting to come here. The Open Day made it feel lively and exciting, but also comfortable and friendly. It has a homely and communal feel — everything you need is on your doorstep, you can’t walk far without seeing a familiar face, and it feels like our own little town! Especially during my First Year, the campus helped me to settle in because I quickly came to know my surroundings. There is plenty to do on campus (and the list is growing!), so in the occasion that you find yourself with a bit of time to kill between lectures, or you’re looking for something to do with a friend on a quiet afternoon, here are my favourite things to do on campus:

  1. The Students’ Union

There is a lot of seating inside the SU, making it my go-to when I’m at a loose end. I can meet and chat with friends in a relaxed atmosphere, do some leisurely work on my laptop, or sit and have my lunch. It’s usually not too busy, with people getting on with work or socialising at benches and on sofas. It’s a great spot to sit and take a breather during a hectic day. Of course, the SU also has food outlets (such as the Bread Oven and Curiositea), a bank branch, pool tables, and SU Sabbatical Officer offices. It’s really a central hub of student activity which feels inclusive and relaxed, and is always available for you to take a break!

2. The Café area in the Sports Hub

There’s a Café Nero in the Sports Hub with lots of comfy seats and tables. For a long time, I only thought of going there when I was already in the Sports Hub for a club, but seeing as it’s such a nice spot, I think it’s a great idea to make a special trip (and the walk gives me an opportunity to stretch my legs, at least!). The coffee is naturally a big plus, but it’s also a very chilled environment. You could take a book, get on with a bit of work, meet friends, or just take a break there — it’s definitely worth a visit!

3. Wander around campus!

Even in my third year here, I am still finding new places and routes through campus. I want to make more time this year to explore the campus. There are set paths that I take several times a week, but rarely think to venture much further afield. There are so many hidden gems, pretty walking routes, quiet cafés, reading spots, and places to meet with friends, so why not set aside an hour or two to embrace the Fresher mentality and explore the campus again?

4. See what’s going on at the Piazza

The Piazza is the heart of campus so, unsurprisingly, there’s usually something going on there. At most times of day, you’ll find students eating and chatting on the steps. Depending on the weather, it’s a lovely spot to sit and watch the world go by and pass some time. It’s not unusual for some activity to be underway, whether that be a dance display, a film showing on the big screen, a Mario Kart tournament, or a viewing of campus sporting highlights from the week (my personal favourite is the viewing of the Great British Bake Off Final!). I often forget about sitting in the Piazza and just hurry through it on my way somewhere else, but it really is a great hub of activity.

5. Visit the Oculus

It’s a very pretty building. Again, there’s plenty of space to sit and crack on with a bit of work or chat with friends, but the definite highlight is the waffle bar in the foyer. The smell is incredible. Seriously — how many unis have waffle bars? I don’t think I need to expand much further.

As term sets into action, hopefully you’ll have fun trying something new on campus and enjoy everything Warwick has to offer!

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