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How to spend a productive term break

Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

Well done to everyone for making through the past ten weeks of intense workload and deadlines. I think we all deserve a long 5-weeks term break and to indulge ourselves in chocolates and treats in this festive season. Since I am an international student and sadly I won’t be going home this term break, I thought I will share with you what my plan for this Christmas is and what I do to help me stay productive and not be a couch potato basically.

Since I have three assignments due in January and I will be away from 18 December to 6January, I am trying to do as much as I can with the assignments this week so that I am just left with first drafts to edit after term break and I can enjoy my holiday without the thought of these assignments lingering at the back of my head during the whole term break.

Things that I do other than studying this term break:

1. Further develop my interests/hobbies

Term break is a great opportunity for you to pick up things that you did not get around doing during term time because of all the commitments and studies. For example, I have a passion for sketching so I have planned to sketch at least twice a week to brush up my sketching skills. I also love playing the piano but since the music centre is always really busy during term time, the piano rooms are always occupied when I visit the music centre so term break is really a great opportunity for me to go warm up my fingers and work my way through the book of Beethoven’s sonatas. (He’s my favourite classical music composer!)


Try something new! I have always believed that there are only pros with gaining new skills because really, you are just expanding your knowledge and skillset which looks great on your resume and is just equipping you to become a better, more capable person in general. Learning a new thing can never be useless and a waste of time. It might be time consuming, ie learning a new language, but the reward is invaluable. I promised myself that I was going to self-teach Java last summer but that never happened, so this is what I am going to do this Christmas, hopefully.


As we don’t have uni 9-6 anymore, being tired or having a lot of work to do is no longer a valid excuse for skipping the gym or exercise, unless you have a full-time job then perhaps it is in you case. Besides, I believe getting a toned body to fit in that party outfit for Christmas and NYE can’t do you any harm. So my plan for this term break is to hit the gym 4-5 days a week. There are also some classes I wanted to go at Simply Gym during term time but couldn’t due to clashes with my schedule so this is a great opportunity for me to attend those classes now.


Who doesn’t like travelling? Travelling has got to be my second favourite hobby. (First being hiking, of course) It expands your horizon and throws you out of your comfort zone, especially in places where you are not familiar with and speak a foreign language. So starting from next Monday, I will be visiting friends in Wales and London, then I will fly to Munich for New Year and Amsterdam afterwards. I haven’t been to either Munich and Amsterdam so this is going to be a very exciting experience. On top of that, we are anticipating a NY with lots of snow in Munich so this is going to be amazing!


Last but not least, catching up with old friends outside of uni! Like I said before, I will be visiting my friend in Wales, where I used to study for my A levels. She lives in the countryside and owns fields and a farm so this will be a very nice rejuvenating trip for me just to be surrounded by the nature again.

That’s all for now. Wish you all have a wonderful Christmas and New year!

Jane 🙂

Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

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