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How to Slay the Open Day

Woohoo! Open day season! Which means days off school, uni freebies, and hopefully some sort of clarity as regards to the future. Ha. Ha. Get Friday 22ndJune and Saturday 23rdJune into your diary.

Tip 1. Energise.

First things first. Source the food options in case yer mam forgot to pack a sandwich. I would recommend a lamb and mint pasty from the Warwick Arts Centre café. Cheaper and a smaller queue than in the Bread Oven. The Bread Oven is our campus Subway, though in reality is more like Subway’s infinitely cooler older sister who alternates between being vegan one week and unashamedly carnivorous the next. There is no student discount at Rootes, but they will accept Scottish notes, albeit suspiciously.

Tip 2. Read the Signs.

In recent years, Warwick has made a habit of building buildings on plots of land never intended to have buildings built upon them. Because of this, you may find your path to where you think your induction talk is blocked by some large immovable buildings. Thankfully, there is an enthusiasm of signs on campus, which will probably be much more helpful than a stressed student bumbling out:

“Straight on through Social Sciences, then across the courtyard and left a bit, then out onto Library Road, then right and keep walking past the library, ignore the sounds of muffled crying coming from within, and then it’s right there. Watch out for the arthritically slow automatic doors.” That was the route from the bus stop to Humanities, in case you were wondering.

Tip 3. Beauty is in the Eye of the Offer Beholder.

Don’t be put off if your subject’s department is housed in an eye-wateringly rectangular 60s concrete block *cough* Humanities *cough* compared to the eye-wateringly rectangular 00s metal blocks *cough* basically everything else *cough*. The 60s stuff has character. Just think, they had Elvis, fluffy hair, student revolutions – what do we have now? Bieber? Brexit? An obesity crisis? Yes, the Oculus may have enough leg room under the tables for a family of giraffes but there’s really nothing so homely as cosying up to your future coursemates in the confines of the German dept. corridor.

Tip 4. Go to your Induction stuff.

Maybe look at accommodation too. University accommodation is roughly the same across the U.K. though. You get what you pay for. I’d say the time would be better spent enjoying a Solero from our campus ice cream van, Eddie’s Ices, on the amphitheatre-like steps of the Piazza. The Piazza screen also broadcasts the news, ads, football matches, and other culturally enriching shows like Eurovision over the course of the year. Not to be missed.

Tip 5. Photos Always Tell the Truth

Go look at the graduation photos of your intended subject. As my Dad put it when we stopped by the frames in the German department in 2015:

“They look like they’ve had a nice time.”

Of course, you could interpret the smiling students clad in in their smart grad robes as happy to be leaving. In any case, it shows the department cares about their students enough to put up pictures of them. Or they’re just trying to attract unsuspecting prospective students. Conspiracies are everywhere.

At the end, the open day is what you make it. However it wouldn’t hurt to collect a few free Warwick uni bags and parade them around other uni open days. #warwickrepresent

P.S. Tip 6: If you find yourself with a few spare minutes, why not go and hunt for a lonely glove to put on the handrail outside the back entrance of the Humanities building? There used to be a glove stuffed onto the end of the handrail, and it lay unclaimed for so long that the Hoar, Warwick uni’s parody website of its campus newspaper The Boar, even published an article about it. Granted, June is hardly optimum glove-hunting season, so should you be unsuccessful in your search your Uni of Warwick application will still probably be considered.

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