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How to self care at University

Most people when they get to University haven’t had much practice as an adult so they launch themselves into things like grocery shopping, cooking everyday and going to work for the first and completely drain themselves. It’s important to remember you need a life outside the essentials and you should be taking time for yourself, something just for you with not even your friends there because you need time to recharge. So these are some ways you can look after yourself because your mental health is just as important as your physical health. 


  1. Do some exercise– you’ll probably have heard this a lot and you might be thinking it’s not for you or the gym is too expensive but doing a 5 minute workout from youtube or going for a walk can be hugely beneficial. You’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something and it’s a way to shake off anxiety. I’m not saying it’ll cure all your problems but it’s certainly helpful. The key thing with exercise is to do a little everyday to really feel the mental benefits. 

  2. Have a pamper session– okay lads you might be thinking this is just for the girls but everyone deserves to be pampered! Book a spa treatment, have your nails done, have a massage, go to the sauna, do a face mask, there are so many possibilities! These simple acts treat you and give you some time to just switch off. 

  3. Have a meal out or a takeaway– cooking and shopping can be stressful especially when things go wrong so sometimes it’s great to have a night off. 

  4. Do some yoga or meditation– this is truly a way to completely zone out and focus on your own mental health. Sometimes you don’t realise how stressed and tired you’ve made yourself until you take some time to tune into your own feelings. Having time to reflect can also be a great help with your academic works, you might suddenly think of a thesis for your essay or an answer to a maths problem. 

  5. Give yourself time for entertainment- you can’t go out every night and equally you can’t pull all nighters on essays all the time without starting to feel exhausted and robotic. So it’s important to give yourself time for something you love whether it be reading, binge watching netflix, playing video games or watching football. If you are pushed for time then listening to music, or a podcast or an audiobook as you walk around is a perfect way to give yourself a quick burst of time. Just remember to do these things in moderation because you’ve got work to do and you don’t want to become reclusive. 


Remember you are doing so well to function as an adult for what may be the first time, not everyone manages it (everyone knows that one guy who orders dominos everyday). You deserve time just for you to take care of your mental wellbeing. It’s important to take time to evaluate how you’re doing and make sure to do the same for your friends. If we all tune in more to mental health the world will be a better place 🙂

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