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How to productively spend your summer break

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Hi everyone!

It seems like its been a long time since I ventured into the blogging world, and well, I am not wrong because IT HAS actually been a month.

So, what have I been doing the past month?

I travelled to Italy with my friends from university for a week, which was great fun, except from the fact that I missed my flight to India from Rome (it had nothing to do with me being careless but it was entirely the flight’s fault) and subsequently the day after, went for a holiday with my family in India.

So, I only got back to my hometown, Delhi, beginning July, where I have been melting in forty degree temperatures, ever since. Since, then, I have been busy, meeting up with friends, catching up on shows (s/o to anyone who watches suits/oitnb/orphan black/mr.robot), eating healthy, reading, interning, getting fit (my dad drags me out of bed early morning to take me cycling) and revising french (since I am taking it next year and have not been in touch with it ever since high school).

I promised myself that this summer break, I am not going to be idling my time away, but making use of it productively and so I made a list of things to do. Other than the things listed above, I have several things left to do over the next two months, which I thought would be useful to share with you, if you are struggling to find something productive to do over your summer break.

1. Learn to cook

It will he REALLY helpful and would make life much easier if you know how to cook. I wish I could take back last year and eat healthy, rather than, living on ready meals, pasta, and eating out (but oh, well it is part of the fresher experience). Anyhow, I have decided to learn a few easy Indian dishes (food which I really miss in Warwick) and other easy to cook healthy recipes.

2. Make a LinkedIn profile

So after attending so many open days and getting constant reminders to make a LinkedIn profile, I decided it was high time I finally make one and I hope you learn from me and do too. If you are a prospective fresher, don’t follow my footsteps and make one as soon as possible. It is a great platform in that it shows you what everyone is doing around you and helps you network with companies or causes you care about.

3. Get a Driving License

I had already got a learner’s license last summer, but have to obtain a permanent driver’s license before I head back to Warwick, for which I need to practise my driving. I don’t remember the last time I drove a car, and so hopefully I still remember and it is not going to be a challenge.

4. Travel

The only thing I like more than eating is travelling and I wanted to make use of my summer to the fullest. My best friends back home were pissed at me for going to Italy without them and so we planned a short weekend getaway to one of the nearby cities in India.

So, even if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like spending time away from home, it is always a refreshing change, to venture out, for a short trip, even if it is just for the weekend, to a new place, a new environment.

5. Pick a sport and try to get fit

Instead of staying home and Netflixing all day, it is good to make use of your time better (living with my mum and spending time with her lately has made me sound like her ugh). Learning a new sport is always a good excuse to stay fit. Moreover, if you have not played a sport for ages, it can be a good idea to pick off where you left of (do it sooner rather than later).

6. Try something you’ve never done before If you are bored and struggling to find things to do, learn a new skill. I learnt to mix songs, and really got hooked onto it, over the past week (smack/neon, please hire me). Learn a new instrument, teach yourself photography, drawing or do something random and obscure, as long as its within safe limits and doesn’t kill you.

7. Explore options for the third year

Since my exams are over now, and I have nothing to study for, I have plenty of spare time to explore options for the third year of my degree. This is only for those who are doing four-year degrees. As I told you in a previous post, those doing international management and international business, have the opportunity to either work-abroad or study-abroad. It is a good time, to shortlist your universities (if you wish to study abroad) or look for an internship in a country except your home country, or else just choose a country of interest (if you plan on working abroad) or both (if you want to work and study abroad). As I’ve said in my blog post earlier, colleges are allocated according to your first year and the first term of second-year marks, while you are solely responsible for looking for internships. Alas, these are the things I have been and will be busy with in the coming months, before I head back to the grind.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Manya Kalia | International Management Contact Manya

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