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How to prepare yourself for postgraduate study

I have a month before I start my postgraduate Masters by Research and I am not sure that I can say, I am fully prepared. There are a number of steps I ensured to take to prepare myself for the hurdle I will be facing.

1. URSS Project – I made sure to occupy myself with a research project with the same supervisor that I will be having for my MRes. I knew that this will allow me to have the exposure, that I wanted, to prepare myself for more intense studies. As my field will also be in computational, I knew that this preparation will allow me to gain an appreciation of the softwares and systems used within this specific research group.

2. Part time Job – I worked at an energy company within the customer services department during my second and third year and now I have just been able to secure a role within their Digital Services – Webchat platform. As I have less experience with computational things, I thought this will allow me to become quicker at typing and get used to the idea of having two screens to play around with.

3. Additional Reading – I have been given a whole list of books and journals that could be relevant for my masters studies, and I believe that these will allow me to gain a head start into it.

4. Online courses – Depending on the course you will be studying, there may be a lot of resources out there for you to use. I signed up for a website known as edX and I am able to learn more about using Python and Jupyter Notebooks through this. There are plenty of other modules out there once I have finished this.

5. The IT Services – To further my skills in using computers, IT services offer free training and qualifications for people. They offer qualifications in using Microsoft Office and they have training sessions available for people to learn how to use MatLab and Python.

For those of you starting your PG journey soon, make sure that you prepare yourself a little as you do not want it to get to the instance and then become more stressed.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment below.

Shaumica 🙂


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