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How to Prepare for Law School

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After months and months of grueling tests and studying, you’ve finally gotten into Law School.  Congratulations! 

Here comes the new challenge, however.  What do you do next?  After all, you’ve just joined one of the hardest and most prestigious careers you could choose from.  First!  Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it after all the hard work you’ve put yourself through, not to mention the fact that you actually got into Law School, a feat that most can’t accomplish.

Second, now it’s time to focus.  After overcoming one obstacle, there’s a hundred more waiting for you that you need to jump over.  Law is a continuous process of learning.  After all, new statutes and cases appear every year, some small while others changing the way we view laws in themselves.  Take Fearn and others v Board of Trustees of the Tate Gallery [2023] UKSC 4 for example.  A 2023 case that changed the tort of nuisance for better or worse.

So!  Here’s a list of things that YOU can do to help prepare for Law School:

  1. Take advantage of the Welcome Week: Take this chance to meet new people, find societies and learn about different modules.  In this week, you’ll also have orientation where you can learn all about your year to come.  If you’re an international student, pay for the expedited visa.  Take it from first-hand experience, it’s far better than missing out and being behind just because your visa takes 3 months instead of the typical 6 weeks.
  2. Read ahead:  Every class requires a lot of reading, especially as teachers expect students to read before they attend seminars.  Moreso, if you read before your lectures, it also gives you a better foundation of understanding! 
  3. Get organized: Invest in a good planner or scheduling app to help you keep track of deadlines, assignments, and other important dates.  I like to use Notion, but it’s not the best at making to-do lists.  As tests are open book, it’s best to get organized so you know exactly where you need to look to answer your problem questions.
  4. Develop good study habits: Break up large assignments into manageable chunks, and seek help when you need it.  Seminar tutors and professors in general have offices hours you can attend and they’re great to get help on specific topics.  If your personal tutor can’t help you, reach out to your seminar professors and they will!  Breaking up your work and making to-do lists are also good ideas, it makes you less overwhelmed and can help with improving your score as you’ll have more time to look over your mistakes.
  5. Make friends and network: Law school is a collaborative experience, so it’s important to build relationships with your classmates and professors. Participate in class discussions, join competitions, and in general just talk.  People are often afraid to make the first move, and making friends in law school is essential for you to thrive.  Not only can you bounce ideas off of one another, but you can also enjoy university to the fullest.
  6. Prepare for exams: Law school exams are often very different from any exam you’ve ever taken.  This is even more so for international students who don’t follow the English grading and testing system.  Don’t slack on your formatives and essays, even when they’re not graded, because those questions are essential to a good grade and your success.  You don’t realize how much faster you need to work until you’ve put yourself under the testing conditions.
  7. Finally, take care of yourself: Law school can be stressful, so it’s important to take care of your physical and mental health. Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and seek support if you’re feeling overwhelmed.  Lastly, don’t forget that it’s okay not to be the best of the best, and everyone needs to rest every once in awhile too.

ThailandUnited States of America (the)
Ask me anything! I'm free to all questions relating to…
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