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How To Prepare For An Interview

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Preparing for an interview can be daunting especially with competitive positions. However, if you organise and set yourself up for success you will achieve it. Here are some tips that have helped me in interviews!

  1. Dressing the part- Make sure to check if the interview is formal or informal. If formal, wearing something smart will catch the interviewers eyes and make you look professional. For a male, that could be a shirt, blazer and tie with tailored trousers and smart shoes. For a female that could be a blazer with a blouse and the choice of a tailored skirt or trousers. Looking ready for an interview is crucial as I was once told that the first thing that interviewers look at is your outfit and the last thing they look at is the back of your shoes. If the interview is informal or casual, you can tone down how professional you look but make sure to still look clean and presentable. A dress perhaps or a casual shirt and trousers will do perfectly.

2. Read the requirements/competencies in the job description- The focus of the interview is to see if you would be a perfect match for the job. That’s why centring your cover letter and CV is crucial in order to get through to an interview, and then when you do get through to an interview they are also crucial. Making a list of the main competencies and being able to demonstrate a time in which you have showed that skill will make interviews a lot easier. As well as this, make sure to have a wide range of experiences to discuss.

3. Be confident!- Interviews are places to express yourself and your interest in the jobs. Be confident in your ability to speak about yourself. Take time to listen to the question and in your head you can plan out the question before you speak. It is definitely better to take a minute to process everything to say especially so you don’t miss anything important. Eye contact and hand gestures can be appealing too and show that you are enthusiastic.

4. Be willing to learn- This tip relates to both an interview and also personal statements if I’m honest. Jobs offer possibilities for improvement and learning. If you can research the career progression and training opportunities it will show the interviewers that you not only are interested in working; but growing too. Possibly ask for opportunities to grow at the end of the interview too!

5. Research the organisation!- This is the most important tip of all. Make sure that you know the values and aims of the organisation so that you are able to align your own vales with theirs. As well as this, it is impressive to know any events, current clients, news and possibly even who the interviewers are so you can show of the knowledge during the interview. It also means that you are interested in the organisation, rather than just getting a job for money.

6. Plan where/ how you are going to get to your interview- Whether your interview is online or person make sure that you are prepared for that. If online make sure that your background is appropriate, interviewers prefer a plain background and good lighting. Don’t worry if that is not possible, but the best tip is to make sure that there is no background sound. Alternatively, if it is in person, plan when to arrive and arrive 10 minutes early. It is better to arrive earlier than later.

Good luck for any interviews! and comment any other tips you have.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Anything creative related! Or even just generally about life here…
Find out more about me Contact Anjalina

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