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How to master procrastination

My skin is awful, the sun is out and I have run out of black pens. Week 2 of term 3 has never been so long! The adrenaline is pumping I’m feeling good, but my body is saying otherwise! Ensure that you are taking time for yourself you can not function off 0 hours of sleep and 0 food in your stomach. You need fuel to go! Frequent breaks and healthy snacks are good because your brain is working extremely hard and is under a lot of pressure- you’re learning modules that you have been taught throughout the year in the space of a couple of weeks!

You will begin to get frustrated with yourself asking why didn’t you start earlier, why aren’t there enough hours in the day, why can’t you have a photographic memory all these different things! But all you can do is focus on what you have and make the most of it. Easier said than done, but this self-discipline is the only way you’re going to get into a good routine to focus and get your work done. Things that help me to keep on track:

  • Make a playlist that’s going to give you energy, go through your old songs that inspired you, remind you why you work hard. And listen to that in the morning, get you pumping in the morning!
  • Make snacks! Walk out and eat them, leave your desk then come back. You’re going to get sick of sitting at a desk so go and give yourself a refreshing break.
  • Exercise. Your back is going hurt when you’re sitting at a desk for hours in the day, even if it’s simple workouts in your room as you brush your teeth, just something to keep your body stretched and in good shape every day.
  • Keep your sleeping pattern steady, whether you work best through the night, or through the day get your constant 7-9 hours of sleep. Quick naps won’t do the trick, by the time your body gets into recovery mode you have woken up from your nap.
  • Plan your revision- realistically. I overestimated how much I could cover for my Latin exam and unfortunately, I went into that exam not confident on a couple of topics and it showed in my exam.
  • Justify your breaks, don’t give yourself a break if you’ve been scrolling on your phone for 3 hours……… Put your apps in a folder that say ‘Don’t touch’ or just turn off your notifications so you only go on your phone at specific times of the day. Or simply delete them off your phone.

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