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How to manage your time during Easter

Melissa Kaye
Melissa Kaye | German and Business Studies Contact Melissa

As exams start to loom, Easter is a critical time to focus on deadlines and start revision – for both A Level students and University students. However, at the same time, it’s equally important to have things to look forward to and use as a motivation tool. This balance can be tricky to achieve and everyone manages their time in different ways. Whilst some of my friends have stayed at Warwick during most of the Easter break, others are still enjoying home comforts. I’ve just arrived back at Warwick campus and although I’ve had a wonderful few weeks at home, it was definitely the right time for me to come back and start those long library revision days. For this blog post I’ll be writing about my Easter ‘vacation’ and how I managed to fit in two city breaks, driving lessons and interviews amongst a never-ending to-do list.

Set realistic goals

There’s nothing more satisfying than achieving your daily task list and the secret to this is setting realistic goals that allow plenty of time before the deadlines. Multiple deadlines are never easy to manage but if you plan out how much you need to write and how much time you can honestly devote to each essay, you can set daily goals to keep yourself on track.

Say yes to the right things

The occasional night out over Easter is absolutely fine but it’s not a great idea to make it too much of a habit. Saying yes to the right things is certainly a learning curve but over time it gets easier to judge whether things are worth committing to. If it’s not stress-busting, relaxing or educational, it’s worth weighing up your options.

 But still allow some time off

Easter can be a little overwhelming at times so sometimes it can be good to get away and hit the refresh button. Over two separate weekends during the Easter break, I was lucky enough to travel to Munich and Innsbruck to visit friends and for me it was completely worth the time and expense. These trips ensured that I would work extremely hard to justify the reward and they also provided an opportunity to practise my German. I enjoyed speaking German to the natives and it really helped with my language confidence. My time abroad was always used effectively; during the journeys, I was constantly reading texts I’d brought with me or translating German text around me. I also used various mobile apps for German language learners which are invaluable to cure boredom and enhance vocabulary.

Make sure you get enough sleep

We can all be guilty of staying up a little later than we should but it’s so important to get a minimum 7-8 hours of sleep per day and try and stick to a regular sleeping pattern. I promise it will pay off once you get back to college or Warwick to start the final term.

I hope these tips have been useful and help you get organised for exams, whether it’s A-Levels or at University level. 😊

Melissa Innsbruck

Melissa Kaye
Melissa Kaye | German and Business Studies Contact Melissa

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