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How to manage time and work efficiently

At university, deadlines form an essential part of a routine. For example, in my Chemistry course, I have postlabs due most Fridays Term 1 and Term 2, tutorials due every once in a while, other IT related deadlines due maybe twice a term and a lot of lecturers are giving things during lectures as well to look through at home.

It’s tough! Especially if most your time is spend travelling to campus and then attending lectures as well. This year has been particulary stressful for me as I’ve got a part time job in the weekday evenings as well. When I initially took up the job opportunity, I struggled to balance everything a lot as I coulnd’t remember certain deadlines and wasn’t on top of my work, however I took a few steps that have helped to improve this.

– I write the key deadlines done in a diary as early as possible. This way I have a constant reminder that a piece of work is due soon

– I have a group chat with just my course friends – here we do try to remind ourselves if we have something to pick up from our pigeon holes (where our notes are kept) and if any work is due. This group chat also helps for all of us to rant as well if we are not happy about anything. In other cases, we sometimes plan to meet up to do group study together

– I get started on any work that will count towards my degree as soon as I am given it. In this way, I am making sure that I am breaking up a big part into smaller chunks and I’m more likely to not stress and get it finished in time

– However, there is also a beauty in cramming and we can’t help it. Cramming seems to do wonders with me, and last week I submitted a postlab a minute before the deadline, and it was worth it, since I was happy with the overall result

Managing the time you have is very important when you come here to Warwick, or go to study elsewhere as you’ll alwasy have deadlines that will be approaching. It matters the most when it comes to exam season as you want to balance house chores, social life as well as the revision needed all around the time that you’re given. It’s not necessarily easy, but you can always approach people to speak to regarding this such as your personal tutor or any senior tutors.

If anyone has any questions at all, please comment below.

Shaumica :))

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