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How to manage: not getting a cold, food and study breaks while you have EXAMS

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Currently, “EXAMS” is probably the most used, the most thought about and, of course, the most stressing word in everyone’s vocabulary. However, besides the materialization of the word in that crucial paper and those intense minutes of intellectual workout, “exams” carries with it a lot more concerns than the study itself, which I’ll try to unpack in a few lines. And I say a few…as I have some exams to prepare for. 😊

Do you remember a week ago when we were all sitting on the grass having barbeques and enjoying this beautiful spring? Me neither, as it seems so far ago. With this unpredictable English weather and all the 4 seasons in one week, it is extremely easy to get deceived by some sunshine here and there. Therefore, the flowy shirts season should be postponed a bit more, but get your umbrella, a warm jacket and some positivism that would help you go through the wind and the rain. However, if you feel you can’t resist the temptation of flowy clothes, here’s what you should to prevent or treat a light cold.

Firstly, warm tea with lemon and honey should be your friend. Lemons and honey are key ingredients here because lemons are high in vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that enhances the immune system and has antiviral and antibacterial properties, whereas honey is recommended for suppressing the cough.

Another ‘trick’ that I use is eating a pear per day. Because they are also rich in vitamin C, they help eliminate conditions like common cold or flu. I sometimes slice it and put it in the microwave for a few seconds, which gives it a very nice texture.

Moving on to more food discussion, many people tend to pay little attention to cooking in term 3 (or throughout the whole year, in cases like me <= bad example), on the grounds of prioritizing the study. It is not a bad thing to set priorities and studying should definitely be the most important one at the moment, but food and work are actually very much interdependent in this context. Living out of pizza and fish and chips may feed your stomach, but not your brain as they are not sources of energy, so you may feel full after eating, but after a while, the tiredness is going to make some room in your system. This will automatically lead to procrastination and therefore, not the expected results in terms of effective study.

However, I’m definitely not suggesting dropping out these foods. What I actually want to highlight is finding a balance. Add some fruits to your daily meals, make a salad from time to time (no, you’re not going to be starving to death). Drink a loooot of water, eat a yoghurt in the morning or evening and don’t give up that chocolate as it keeps you happy (try dark chocolate thought, it’s much better)

This is probably one of the most debatable inner struggles one has in term 3. It’s so nice to remember all the fun you had last terms while you have three books and loads of sheets in front of you. Of course, you won’t prioritize going out, but this doesn’t mean that you should not allow yourself a break. It is actually an integral part of being in a good physical state in this period of time. However, “the break” comes as suck a subjective term. I, for instance, can find relaxing a walk around the campus, a pretty book that’s not tangential to my study materials, as well as a night out. Of course, in terms of frequency, a simple walk and a few pages from your preferred literature should be more frequent than the nights out. Aa a personal preference, I find dancing such a stress relieving activity and as long as I manage to wake up freshly in the morning and not compromise a day of work, then I won’t completely eliminate it, but definitely reduce it. I’d say around two-three times before the exams should not deviate myself from my study routine. However, if you find that you’re exhausted the next day after spending a night out, you might want to reconsider your “breaks” for now. And the best alternatives are definitely doing some sport, which I must admit I have neglected lately and I felt bad about that.

So, through this post, I just added some more things you should keep in mind at the moment, which could sound like something you won’t need right now. But if you actually make it to the last sentence, you’ll see it’s a way of facilitating your studying process into the final…exams.

Good luck to everyone in term 3 and may the lessons you know best be on your exam sheets!

Sabrina Luca | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sabrina

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