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How to make your student finance/ budget last:

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Students have a reputation for eating only pasta, toast and baked beans and are often viewed as only just making ends meet. I am here to provide you with some guidance on how to make your student finance money last.


  1. Don’t blow it all on week 1- it can be tempting to spend this lump sum of money in Freshers week as you think you have plenty. I definitely saw lots of people make this mistake. Although you should have a fabulous time do not overspend. Think about it sensibly; in Term 1 there are 11 weeks so divide the total sum you receive for term 1 by 11 and you will have a rough guide. You may spend more in the first few weeks as you get the basics or things you have forgot to bring but do not blow it all.

  2. Choose sensible times to shop- Never go food shopping without eating beforehand because when you are there your hunger will encourage you to buy more- I know from experience. Also, consider making a meal prep plan- what will you have on each day? What ingredients do you need? Also, remember that there are more options than just Tesco, Aldi and Iceland are just behind and these will save you lots of money. If you shop at Tescos I would recommend going on a Thursday evening I found that this is when they reduced items particularly from the bakery- but this may have changed. Perhaps also buddy together as a group/ flat and get a food delivery. We did this and it worked out 40p each to have it delivered it saved us so much time and was definitely worth it.

  3. Use student saving apps- there are lots of places that offer students discount codes such as UNIDAYS, Save the Student and Student Beans to name a few. Using these codes will help you get what you want for a better price.

  4. Use your Eating at Warwick card- you can top this up using your MyWarwick App and will save you 10% off when you eat at the restaurants on campus. A handy tip is that the 10% is also off drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

  5. Top up your student finance- I got a job working for the university and work about 7 hours a week. They are incredibly flexible and helps you increase the amount of money you have.


I hope some of these tips have helped you.


Money Tips for Uni Students - One Pound Something

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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