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How to make the most out of online learning

So, freshers’ week is over, and you’re now being thrusted into the world of e-learning after being #away from formal education and routine for months on end. It’s all new, even to us students returning in these unprecedented times but I want to assure you that you can still make the most of  your degree this year and there are advantages to this format of education.

Set up a workspace

As most of your studying will be done in your room, you may find it hard to get into the right mindset to work (especially after days on end spent doing nothing). It is important to do things that make your environment better for you to work and focus in. For example, tidying your desk and making all your resources readily accessible to you. Perhaps sometimes utilise other spaces such as the kitchen in quiet times if you feel the need to switch up the environment.

Create a routine

While most lectures are asynchronous (you can watch them at any time), it is better to give yourself set times to watch them to ensure you keep up and don’t let them pile up. Keeping on top of things will make things easier when it comes to your seminars which may be synchronous (at a specified time) and be prepared for your assessments. Take some time to look at your timetable and work out a study schedule to ensure you are well-prepared to attend all your seminars and lectures online.

Be proactive in your learning

Don’t just watch your lectures absentmindedly, but instead use the online lecture format to your advantage by engaging with the content at your own pace. Utilise the pause and rewind features to make notes at your own pace (rather than rushing to keep up with the lecturer face to face).

Utilise your tutor and lecturers

Many tutors and academic staff still have their opening office hours in which you can contact them and seek advice and feedback. This helps with academic support and guidance throughout the year. Additionally, if you are feeling anxious or stressed, speaking to your tutor could help to alleviate any concerns you might have. 

Keep in contact with course mates

You may still have face to face tutor meeting depending on your course which is a good opportunity to meet people. I would suggest coordinating a group chat of some sort where you can exchange resources and help each other as well have some social contact. This will help in making you feel less isolated and better engaged.

I hope these tips have better prepared you for starting to study and makes you a bit more optimistic about the prospect of online learning.

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