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How to make the most of your Easter Break

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In this blog post, I’ll be talking about a few things you should do to make sure you can make the most of that break nestled between the last term of teaching and the beginning of exams. In my first year, I really didn’t have any idea of what I should have been doing and how to do it, hence I’d like to pass on what I’ve learned since then and what I’ve been implementing in my plans for this break with some pointers!

Priority is key

When it comes to deciding what you want to take up during this month-long break, you need to prioritise so that you can get started on what needs the most work. It often depends on the type of course you’re doing, but you may have assignments or group projects which need to be completed within a deadline. If the deadline is during the break, these should take precedent, and you should aim to have it done before the deadline, leaving yourself room for error. Alternatively, if you feel that you’re lagging behind on a certain module, you should place revision higher on the priority ( given no imminent deadlines).

Have a good plan

The next essential step is having a good plan in place. It doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed and can be made in the way that you find easiest to follow. While some people use productivity apps like Notion or others that you can personalise your calendar with, you can also simply choose a table or a list detailing the work you want to get done. However, if you find you don’t usually stick to these the former option would be the best idea. Some possible apps you could use can be found here

Switch it up

Perhaps you may be taking up something else during the break, like a hobby, or a course. On the other hand you may also have multiple assignments and priorities. You should find a way to implement some variety in your plan, take some ‘rest days’ or switch focus between tasks so that you don’t find yourself getting bored and losing focus.

Important! if you’re traveling, do as much as you can before you travel or make your plan concrete so that you aren’t struggling with limited time after returning.

Don’t take on too much

The above tips are great if you’re juggling a lot of coursework or behind on content. If you find yourself with not much to do with exams ahead, as mostly happens in first year, take the time to do some revision but don’t put too much on your plate. You’ll find that revision puts you in a better place at the start of term 3, as you won’t have as much time before exams as you would expect.

You can ask me about anything you might think is…
Find out more about me Contact Diksha

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