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How to make term three an enjoyable and rewarding experience

I’m really enjoying exam season so far (hear me out). My term is only 5 weeks long and I can spend this time piecing together everything I’ve learnt throughout the year. After exams are over, it means I can enjoy my summer in Leamington, travelling in Spain and working in London (and looking forward to this definitely keeps me going)! Incorporating time to relax and enjoy life into your daily routine is so important during exam season. Relaxing isn’t something that comes naturally to me and last year when I switched off from revision, I had to force myself to stop thinking about work commitments and just treasure the free-time. However, now I know the importance of giving myself time to enjoy uni during exam season, this term is as fun as the others! I hope these tips help out those like me:

Give yourself time to enjoy the student life:

As I am an early bird, I prefer to get my work done during the day so I make sure I’m not doing any work after 7pm. This gives me time to do whatever I want in the evenings: be it watch telly, go on a walk, out with my housemates or just laze about with them (though as they’re night owls, they normally start work when I’m finishing for the day). I love Leamington and am making the most of living here. On Tuesday nights, it’s our house outing to the Clarendon Pub where Churros are 25p. We often go to the cinema on Wednesday nights as with Meerkat Movies it’s 2-4-1 and you can get free popcorn with the app ‘Hold’ (which I highly recommend to reduce procrastination). I also go on a walk or run a lot of evenings and on Sunday mornings, I go to the Leamington car boot sale at 7am as it’s where the bargains are to be had! When I have something to look forward to each day, it makes revision so much more productive and by the end of the day, you’re relaxed and ready to work again tomorrow!

Friends and family:

After a long day on campus, my favourite thing is to come home to a house with my closest friends all sat together in the sitting room. It’s so relaxing just to be with them and chat about such random topics (well mainly FIFA, maths and food). I also really enjoy calling my parents if I get the chance and I’ll normally go on a walk whilst talking on the phone as I love the outdoors. When flicking through my grandma’s copy of Women’s Health magazine a couple of months ago, their health quiz asked whether regular health checks or friends were more important for a healthy life. Friends were actually more important as a healthy mind equals a healthy body. Friends help you see the bigger picture in life and reduce stress- never underestimate the importance of having a laugh!


Exercising really improves my mood and if I start the day with a run, I feel so energised and happy throughout the day. I also notice that eating healthily and sleeping well keeps me more alert and motivated. Last year I fell out of habit and stopped running regularly, though I’m now back on track and feel like it keeps me relaxed whilst energised throughout the day. On Saturday mornings, the Leamington 5k park-run is an excellent stress reliever; not only the exercise aspect but also the social aspect (and it gets me up on a Saturday for 8am)!


Take in that much needed Vitamin D; sunshine really helps us physically and psychologically.

A good bedtime routine:

I don’t use electronics for about 30 minutes before bed and I’ve noticed that the quality of my sleep has really improved. Although I never used to be a reader, I’ve started reading and really enjoying it. Also, if I got a bad nights sleep, I used to believe I would have an unproductive day. However, I’ve learnt that it’s generally the thought of the lack of sleep which gets my body exhausted and not so much the lack of sleep itself.

Appreciate life, put things into perspective:

Generally, things are never as bad as they seem and when I see a problem, I always ask myself if I will remember this problem in 1 years time. If the answer is no, then it’s probably not a big deal and important to get up and overcome it. You’re in control of your life and make these decisions.

University is about fun; it really is! Studying a subject you enjoy and being surrounded by people who love you! It’s only you who chooses whether to be stressed or not so it is so important to put everything into perspective! Some stress is good but too much can hinder your performance and leave you feeling drained. Remember what’s important in life and treasure your time at university as it really is the time to enjoy, grow as a person and learn from experiences! If you work productively, exams will fall into place but to be able to do this, it is vital to rest and enjoy your free-time.

See you all soon 🙂 x

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