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How to make Halls ‘Home’ on a budget

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Part of moving to uni is conceding that we can’t have all our creature comforts. After the pots, pans, laptops, folders and cutlery have been purchased, it can feel like there’s little room in the wallet to turn your comfy yet small room in halls from a basic student room into a cosy space that just screams YOU. Luckily, it’s not impossible to achieve the perfect personalised study space while making sure to not break the bank.

  1. Get thrifty!

Charity shops, flea markets, ebay, you name it! Second hand doesn’t always mean second best, and it can often mean unique! Instead of shelling out on what seems like a reasonable £12 desk lamp from IKEA (bulb not included) try having a hunt in your local British Heart Foundation or Sue Ryder where you’re almost guaranteed to pick one up for half the price! Charity shops are cheap, cheerful, contribute to a good cause and also help the environment by re-using products and saving the energy and resources used to make new ones. Happy days!

2. Take things from home!

This may sound obvious, but we’ve all been tempted by the brand new vacuum-wrapped duvet and pillow (if only because it saves space in the packed car). However, chances are your parents have spare bedding stashed in the cupboards, as well as towels and even some fairy lights if you’re lucky!

3. Get creative!

Spotted some bunting online that would be just PERFECT? Or perhaps its a noticeboard that would look just so cute on your desk next to your wall calendar? Good news: you can make these yourself! The internet is full of wonderful tutorials on how to make even the priciest looking decor from scratch.

4. Don’t underestimate the local supermarket

With everything from cheap bedding, to photo frames, your local supermarket can be the solution when the charity shops fail. The plant section often offers a cheap alternative to the garden centre for your succulents, and you can usually get them pre-potted which is a great plus! I’m very pro having something living and low-maintenance in your room at uni, so stack up on those £2.50 cacti planters!

Hopefully these suggestions help you to cut out some spending when creating your dream room at halls! It’s amazing what results you can achieve through a little bit of thrifting or DIY, and that way you’re guaranteed to have a distinctly unique space that hasn’t completely wrecked your budget for freshers! Happy moving all!


P.S. Check out places like PopArt UK for cheap posters, and don’t forget a reed diffuser to expel that inevitable student stink!

Rebecca Preedy | Ancient History and Classical Archaeology with Study in Europe Contact Rebecca

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