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How To Make Friends at University

I will openly admit that I was terrified that I wouldn’t make friends at uni. It’s not the coolest thing I’d like to confess, but I feel that if I was scared that I’d be sat in the library by myself for four years with no social life, then maybe there are some of you Freshers-To-Be that think that too. Before I even start the article let me assure you: you will make friends. Let’s begin with a little story. I think I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post that before even arriving at Warwick, I joined a ton of group chats full of students in the same position as me. These would either be group chats with my future course mates, or people who were going to be in the same accommodation as me. It was pretty cool, up until that one time… In the summer before uni, I went on holiday with my parents to France for the whole of summer. I’d try my best to keep up with the group chats as I rarely had wifi, but one day I saw that people on the group chat had all planned on meeting up. They posted photos of each other on social media, saying how glad they were to have found their ‘best friends’ before uni, and how they were all going to stick together and have the best time. Panic washed over me. What I naively didn’t realise was the fact that there are hundreds of other new students starting university every year. These 10 friends I had made on a random group chat were just a tiny percentage of the people I would meet during the next four years of my course. I feel that the unknown often attracts doubt and fear. But what is fear, than a Fantasised Expectation Appearing Real? That’s all fear is, and I should not have ‘feared’ university. Making friends at university is easy. It comes as second nature. Firstly, everyone is in the same boat as you. You’re all starting a new chapter in your lives, you’re all going to the same university, and you’re all probably having the same fears as each other! At Warwick, there are many opportunities available in order to meet new people. During Freshers, there are welcome sessions, society events, as well as fun nights out held in the Copper Rooms. Even if going out isn’t your thing, you can still make friends with your coursemates and your flatmates who you will meet in the first few days at university. You should have written a little description of yourself when applying for student accommodation, and the organisers are always very good and placing students with other like-minded people. University life is a lot different to sixth form or college. You get to meet new and interesting people every single day, not just the same faces day in day out. I know a lot of my friends detested the ‘cliques’ that existed during their schooling, but there’s no such thing at university! You can be a fresher who studies philosophy and make friends with a post-grad studying maths, and that’s perfectly normal! People of all ages, background, colour and race all come together at Warwick, which is something truly wonderful. So let me assure you, my dear Fresher, that there is nothing to fear in terms of making friends at university. The next few years will be an amazing experience with whoever may be by your side. Anyway, if you ever need someone to talk to, know that you already have one friend at Warwick: me . 🙂

  • Joe (name not real but story is)

    I dont have many friends and am far from being new, how do I change this?


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