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How to handle the heat of your workload

Week 2 and I am already behind! This week did not start off well. I was advised to choose another module since I was predicted to struggle in Greek Language and Literature. At first, I was devastated and quite angry. However, after searching for other modules it seems like a blessing in disguise. I am now back into the Philosophy zone and I have chosen to take an Ethics Module for Term 1, and a Feminism module for Term 2. Nothing to do with classics? Trust me, I have already found links. That’s the beauty of my subject, it is relevant to almost everything!

So! I am 2 weeks behind in a module so what have I done to keep up?

  • Keep organised, read before hand and make notes- these will either be useful for your exam or for seminars
  • Make realistic to do lists- dedicate time for each topic per day. My key mistake last year was working on different modules all at the same time in one day- you may feel like you’ve been working all day, but really you’ve made little progress. SO dedicate a day for a module, I can see my development already!
  • Take productive breaks-I am involved with Save the Children and the Warwick Bhangra society, so free time= completing my other responsibilities.
  • Think about your essays in advance, go to lecture thinking how will this help me answer my question? There is a reason why the Classics department release essay titles so early.
  • Work hard, play hard! Since living in Leamington, I no longer have the luxury of having my daytime naps between lectures…work instead! So once I get home, I can actually relax.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others- just because your friend hasn’t done the work doesn’t mean you don’t have to either. Work as you go, always be prepared…makes your life so much easier later on. Also, others may work at a faster pace than you, that’s fine. Just make sure, you know how long it takes you to complete tasks and work efficiently and effectively.

Keep calm and keep working hard, it gets tough – but this is how you learn.

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