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How to Handle Housing Hassle: Preparing to move into off-campus accommodation

Since I have now officially moved out of on-campus accommodation, my housemates and I are beginning to prepare for living in a house off campus. This has proven to be more complicated than we first anticipated, especially since none of us have ever had to deal with the responsibility of paying bills. Here, I will share a list of things to anticipate when moving into a new house and ways you can prepare during the summer.


  • The first and most important thing to do is to decide who gets which room in the house. Larger rooms normally cost more money per month so bear this in mind when allocating rooms

  • If utility bills are included in your rent then congrats! You’re lucky and can skip this step. If not, you should contact the current residents of the house you will be moving into and get some information from them. You will need to know which energy provider they are currently with, how much they pay per month for gas, electricity, water and wifi, which energy tariff they are currently on and when the contract ends. It’s also useful to ask for a copy of their latest energy bill so you have all the information you need to switch energy providers if you want to

  • Set up any new energy or wifi contracts to start when you move in so you won’t be left without heating or wifi for the first few weeks after you move in

  • If any repairs need completing, contact your landlord now so that everything can be sorted over the summer before you move in

  • Before you move in, it is definitely worth seeing if you can get any cheaper rates for utility bills since shopping around between different providers can often save you money

  • If you have any spare money or are planning to work over the summer, it’s a good idea to put some money aside for rent for the first month and bills since your housing contract may start before your student loan comes in. This means you won’t be short of money in the first month

  • The first person to arrive at the house on moving in day should take pictures of the gas, electricity and water meters so you don’t end up being charged for energy used by the previous tenants 

  • If you’re moving in with people you’ve never lived with before and don’t know that well, it might be a good idea to try to get to know your new housemates better over the summer. This will hopefully make the transition to moving in with them easier.

  • If you have to get public transport to campus from your house and you’re not used to doing so, plan your route to campus ahead of time and maybe try it out before term starts. This means you’ll know exactly how long it will take you to get to campus and which busses you should take

  • If you had post sent to your old, on-campus address, make sure you give people your new address so you won’t miss out on any important post

  • Since you no longer live on campus, it’s a good idea to register with your local doctor since you’ll no longer be using the on-campus health centre

I hope these tips were helpful and I hope everyone has a great summer!

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