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How to Get Through UCAS

With the UCAS deadline fast approaching, many of you may be trying to make that final decision on which universities to select. On top of that, there is a global pandemic to think about! Here are some useful tips to get you through UCAS during a pandemic:

  • Read the course descriptions for all universities you are considering

This is a really important point because even though you may think the course is the same everywhere, there are many variations of how universities deliver the same degree. For example, no matter what engineering course you apply for at Warwick (with the exception of Computer Systems Engineering), all students have a common first year studying general engineering whereas at other universities you may go straight into a specialism. It is really important to decide whether the course structure is one which allows you to explore all aspects of the degree you wish to, and potentially select optional modules which are tailored to your interests in the later years of the degree.

  • Make sure you like the vibe of the university

Although it’s a lot harder to gauge an understanding of what a university is like this year due to the pandemic, I would definitely suggest attending a live chat session with current students or exploring the university through a virtual tour. This is a great way to judge whether you think the university is a good fit for you and whether it has all the facilities you would like.

  • Find out how the university has adapted during the pandemic

Many universities have shifted to predominately virtual teaching, so you may want to ask what aspects of your course will be in person, if any. Although, with the situation constantly changing, universities may not be able to give you a definite answer so it might be worth instead asking how the university has coped with the restrictions over the last year as well as which facilities stayed open during the pandemic.

Finally, when your application is in, sit back and wait patiently for the offers to flood in! That’s it – you’re done!

Also, keep in mind that this year has been truly unprecedented for all of us, so don’t panic if you have to wait a bit longer for those offers to start coming in.

If you have any questions about UCAS and applications, feel free to drop them in the comments below!

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