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How to get out of your academic rut

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The Winter months are often when people struggle to study the most! It’s cold outside, and you would rather sit and watch a film than open your textbooks.

This is when the notorious ‘academic guilt kicks in’ – you want to study, but you just can’t find it in yourself to do so!

This advice is particularly pertinent for those coming to university in September.

Despite the massively turbulent experience you have had as a result of COVID-19, you will still be assessed (whether that be in a formal examination or not), so you still need to put in the work to secure your unviersity place.

I remember feeling massively demotivated at this point during my A-Levels. I didn’t know what to do! Looking back, this is the advice I would have given myself, and hopefully you will find it useful too.

Change of scenery

I know this might sound counterintuitive during a pandemic!

You probably have limited access to your school library if that, and other venues such as coffee shops and public libraries are likely limited (given that, as a write this, 99% of the country is in Tier 3 or Tier 4).

Whereas you might not be able to currently access a formal change of scenery to study, there are still things you can do during a pandemic to get you away from your desk and studying elsewhere.

Try FaceTiming a coursemate and discussing your revision, rather than making it a solitary experience.

You could even utilise your ‘daily walk’ – put a podcast on and let it sink in!

Rely on your coursemates and friends

I think that, if this pandemic has taught us anything, is that we really do need our peers, particularly in study!

COVID-19 is isolating enough without you doing a mass of studying on your own.

Message a coursemate or friend and discuss your revision, teaching each other on the parts you struggle with.

Remember why you are studying

When I was doing my A-Levels, I knew it was really important that I got the results I needed, because I really wanted to be able to have a fresh start somewhere.

Remember why you applied to university, and use that as motivation.

You have come so far already, why throw it away now!

Change your revision methods

You might feel like you know exactly what works for you in terms of revision.

However, do you really think you can keep doing exactly the same thing for another six months?

If you aren’t demotivated already, you will be come June!

Make sure that you have lots of different revision methods in your arsenal, such as using flashcards, taking notes, talking, watching films, listening to podcasts and YouTube videos, and so on.

This will make your life much more interesting!

All in all, it is so imporatnt that you keep your head down and keep your studies up for another six months!

Megan McElroy | English Literature Contact Megan
English, Going out, Halls, or something else!
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