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How To Get A House For Next Year

Before you do anything, read these two other blogposts that I wrote regarding housing!

Housing Worries?– I wrote this while I was in my 1st Year.

When To Worry About Next Year’s Accommodation? – I wrote this a month ago.

Fab! Those two blogposts cover mostly everything that I have to say about housing via Warwick Accommodation and all of my tips. However, I did say in my ‘When To Worry About Next Year’s Accommodation?’ blogpost that I would write a post explaining the process of getting a house via Warwick, and that is what I will do! The properties will go up online on the 30th November (in a week) – there is information regarding it on this website here. There are ways to obtain a place to live next year, such as :

1. Forming a group and finding a property

2. Living on your own

3. Applying individually and then being matched up with others to be put into a property with

4. Join a group that is looking for housemates

I personally formed a group with my friends and then found a property, so I will explain the process of that as that is the only thing that I have experience with. Hopefully the process hasn’t changed since I did it last year! It is a very easy process, the main thing is to stay calm and clever during it because you don’t want to rush into anything.

So this is what happens :

1. The properties will be available to view online. You can filter them by town and number of people etc.

2. You create your housing group online, where one person will be the leader

3. You can look at properties via their pictures, see the price, what is included in the rent etc.

4. When you see a property that you like, you can click to view it (you can only view a property if you have the exact number of people in your housing group)

5. Up to 3 housing groups can view a certain property at a time

6. It is advised to go and see the property during this stage, then once you like the property after having seen it, you can click to reserve it

7. Once you have reserved a property, no other housing group can view or reserve it

8. You have 48 hours of which it is reserved for you, so during this time you must either accept the online contract or decline it

9. If you don’t accept the contract in the 48 hour reserve period, it will go back up onto Warwick Accommodation

10. Some properties will go straight away as some groups will reserve a property before even clicking to view it – this is okay because you are not bound to the contract

11. Therefore if you really want a property and you are fairly certain that you would want it (by looking online) then it is good to reserve it straight away, but then do go to view the property anyways in that 48 hour period

12. Ideally, don’t rush and panic and reserve any property – especially don’t accept a contract unless you have seen it!

That is basically the whole process, it is pretty straight forward and will seem more simple when the properties go up on the site! Just remember to not panic and accept any random house, because more and more properties will be added throughout the year – it is not essential to get a house sorted in Term 1, I sorted mine in Term 2. Hopefully everything I explained is correct, I will change and correct anything that I find out is wrong when the Warwick Accommodation property page is live. However, good luck! I hope you all get the perfect house for you – feel free to comment below with any other questions or email me at


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