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How to Find your Term Three Study Spot

The holidays are over and everyone’s getting back in the swing of uni. Deadlines and exams are fast approaching, and campus is a hive of busy worker bees getting everything done. It can be hard to know where you work best or even where you’ll find a seat, so here’s a little guide based on my experience to find your zen place to work.

Obviously, the Library is one of the main work hubs on campus. Having all those books readily available makes writing essays much easier, and you have the full five floor range to choose from depending on how you work. There are also lots of little study rooms hidden around if you fancy some alone study time, and these are decked out pretty nicely. Be warned though, in term three you better be prepared to get up early if you want those library seats as finding a seat past 11 is virtually impossible.

I’ve only recently discovered the Learning Grid, and I have no regrets. There’s a louder more social area as well as a quiet study space, but its all spread out with comfy seats and flash glass doors. Plus, you have Bar Fusion just upstairs for those food breaks.

This is one of my favourite places to work as it’s a more relaxed environment with incredibly comfy chairs, perfect for group revision. Sometimes it can get a bit loud especially if lectures are moving in and out, but past week 3 the lecture theatres are all empty, and last year it was sat in those lecture theatres that all my revision took place.

Despite a bit of a longer walk, Uni House is a really nice place to work as like the Learning Grid it has different areas styled for different types of work. Again, I’ve heard it really fills up this term, so let the rule of thumb be to get up and get working early.

When the sun comes out, every green space on campus become littered with students. Some people absolutely can’t work outside, but why not give it a go with some reading or revision while getting that all-important vitamin D.

So, there’s a little guide to the various places to study on campus. Find out what you like by going to the slightly louder Oculus or the hard-working Library floor 5 and see what works best for you. Some courses are lucky enough to have common rooms, which I’m sure are good to study in surrounded by others revising the same content. Happy studying everyone!

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