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How to fill up your time if you’ll spend the holiday here or if you plan a weekend getaway

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I’m looking at my calendar, counting down the days until I’ll fly back home for the Christmas holiday. However, for a lot of international students, especially the ones living outside of the EU, going back every holiday is a great expense. Even if you’ll spend the holiday around university, there are still plenty of places to road trip to, places that are not necessarily highly promoted yet which can give you a taste of British culture, history and architecture. Here is a small map for the surrounding area where I highlighted some places to enjoy a chill evening to during this holiday or simply for a weekend getaway.

Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden

I had absolutely no idea about this place myself until, out of boredom and in the need to get out of the campus area, I’d searched up for nearby places to visit. I’d say this is a must see at least once before you graduate. The fees are acceptable – around £10 standard ticket and the ruins are delightful. Although I don’t have a basis of comparison as I still haven’t seen Warwick Castle (If you did, let me know how you enjoyed it), I think that the ones calling the Kenilworth Castle “the finest surviving example of a semi-royal palace of the later middle ages” knew what they were talking about.

Shakespeare’s Birthplace

For all the literature fans out there, there is Shakespeare’s Birthplace just around 20 minutes-drive from campus (not in the rush hour), in Stratford-upon-Avon. Tickets are slightly more expensive here, I paid around £18 when I went, but the organizers do try their best to take you back in the atmosphere of the 16 Century. The guides got costumed and some actors hold speeches or sang songs from Shakespeare’s work. There’s also the “full story option”, where you pay more and get access to five properties, including his wife’s cottage, Anne Hathaway, but I’m on a student budget so I had to settle for one story.

More to see in Stratford-upon-Avon

There is also the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Butterfly Farm and generally nice streets and cozy pubs to wander around. I didn’t take advantage of everything out there from two reasons: budget and fobia. Yep, that’s right. If you take me to a park full of butterflies flying around my head, chances are I won’t resist more than two minutes in there. But if you don’t have this fobia, which you are very likely not to, then give it a try. I can only tell you I’ve heard good things about it.

If noting on this list managed to give you an “I’ve got to see this” moment, go on National Trust and type in Warwickshire. There are many other options for nearby places to go have a chill evening to, alone or with friends, outdoors or indoors.


Regardless of this post resembling a low-cost travelling flyer, I hope you could actually find something interesting and worth visiting, during the holiday or during the term, when you feel the need to see something else other then the Piazza. Will you spend your holiday here or home, I hope you find peace and joy in each day. See ya in the next post.  

Sabrina Luca | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sabrina

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