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How to revise productively during the holidays

Easter break is a poorly defined holiday for uni students; we’re arguably more busy than during term times. The main reason for this are the Summer exams and starting revision during Easter. I’ve listed some tips to be able to enjoy your Easter holidays, whilst ensuring it’s as productive as possible.

Make a timetable and have a routine:

I make sure to finish revision by 6pm every day so I have the evening to wind down and relax. Finishing at the same time everyday keeps me motivated as I don’t let myself procrastinate. Finishing at 6pm also means I have the evening to meet up with friends etc. as if I meet them in the morning, I end up losing a whole day of revision.  

Don’t procrastinate!

This is so much easier said that done but the motivation to finish at 6pm keeps me going. If I procrastinated, it would probably add up to 2-3 hours a day of meaningless scrolling through social media and de-motivation with revision. I’d definitely prefer to finish at 6pm and not at 9pm! I also keep my phone in another room so I don’t subconsciously reach for it. Also, when I’m revising with my friends at uni, we trade our phones. At home I have a desk in my room so I always use that as my study space; I used to revise in the kitchen/ sitting room but I got too distracted by snacks and the TV.

I personally prefer to get other important tasks done first

I had a diss to write this term and the thought of finishing it was always on the back of my mind. So I could focus solely on revision, I decided to just work solidly on this during the first couple of weeks of Easter. I finished it last week and I now feel so much more relaxed as I only have to focus on revision.

Have days off

If you’re revising efficiently, a day off is as important as a revision day. Exams can seem overwhelming and this will make you ready to revise again the day after. I’ve spent all week in Spain with my boyfriend as I have relatives who live there. As we both have final year exams, we revised but still gave ourselves time to go to the beach, a football match, enjoy the sun, go shopping and enjoy ourselves. I’m writing this whilst flying back home to Liverpool airport and I feel so relaxed and ready to start properly revising in England. 

Put everything in perspective.

You’re at Warwick! You’re already within the top students in the country and naturally smart; you’ll get amazing grades if you revise. But it’s nice to think that if your final grade isn’t what you wanted, life barely changes. You have the same family, friends, health and what’s truly important in life isn’t affected by your exam grades. It’s really important to remember that.


Remember: REVISE SMART NOT HARD! Although revision is vital, I’ll remember this Easter break from the fun I’ve had. If you revise smartly and productively, it’s so easy to balance fun and revision. Good luck to everyone and if anyone is struggling with stress/ anxiety, know that there are so many people who would love to have a nice catch-up with you; family, friends, peers etc.

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