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How to deal with lectures that don’t make sense?

It’s been 8 weeks at Warwick and I have learnt that one of the worst ways would be to not attend those lectures.

There have been incidences where I’ve sat in a lecture not understanding anything. It might feel like a waste of time, and naturally, there is a tendency to skip all such lectures but I must say that simply sitting in those lectures and listening (even if it sounds like in a foreign language) makes a big difference. When it comes to revising for a module, I realise that I actually remember what was being said in lectures and it suddenly does begin to make sense.

Listening to the lectures again on lecture capture helps to consolidate what you learn in lectures. You can add to your notes and go at your own pace. However, the sole use of lecture capture without attending the lectures is a nightmare to me and I have learnt my lesson by missing one. Nothing that I would ever repeat or recommend.

A technique that I have tried is to work through already worked-out problems. This sounds like a little (a lot) random but for maths-heavy modules such as thermodynamics, this has turned out to be particularly useful. The idea is to understand the process; every step of the calculations. This helps to become familiar with the problems and the use of various equations.

Simply renouncing a module or leaving it for later would never solve the problem but would cause stress. You just need to sit down and tackle problems. Go at your own pace. It takes me hours to work through simple thermodynamics problems but it is always worth it.

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