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How to cope with waiting for exam results.

Remember when you were at school and the summer holidays came? Great, right? Weeks of doing nothing, meeting up with your mates and on the day you go back, wondering what you did with your time and how it went so fast?

For those of studying a degree here at Warwick University, this isn’t the case. The pressures are greater and the rain cloud of results day seems to be looming over us.

Firstly, don’t go over the exam. The shoulda, Woulda, Coulda’s are irrelevant and quite frankly, there is no point. What’s done is done. Most of us, myself included will be ‘remembering’ how badly we have done, almost guaranteeing ourselves a resit! The memory plays tricks on us. Try remembering how much hard work went in to that exam. I’m not just talking about the week before of intense revision and sleepless nights. I’m talking about the whole academic year of exercising the brain to take in overloads of information knowing it will all need to be condensed into one paper, ensuring you pick out the vital pieces. I’m talking about the endless quotes you tried to memorise, the mock exams you sat in preparation and the antagonising questioning of your own ability that began at the start of the year all leading up to exam fortnight. Keeping this in mind, begin to look forward to your results as appose to loathing the day before it’s arrived.

Know what day your results are going to be published. Will the results be online, will they be emailed to you or will you have to go on to campus to get them? Have a plan for the day itself. How are we celebrating almost a whole year of effort resulting in success?

Make three sets of plans for the near future. Although you may have put every bit of effort into a particular exam, on the day, anything could have happened. Life happens! Financial issues, family issues, the car broke down that morning, one of the kids just happened to throw up on the way out the door or quite simply, you sat down at your desk for one, exam paper in front of you and drew a blank. Either way it’s always helpful to look at every possible scenario, starting with the fail. Is it the end of the world? – Of course it isn’t. Look at the ‘OK’ results. What are you going to do to ensure next year your more prepared and question how your time can be managed better. And finally, the best results! Surely, this is worth one big pat on the back and some kind of celebration? A meal with friends, a holiday even. Time to reflect on what it was that secured this result and ensure its mirrored next year.

Finally, just don’t panic! While studying for these exams it would have seemed like they were the most important thing in life ever! But now, they’re not. They are just a very small chapter in life’s very big book. Until the big day, keep calm and have some well-earned time out.

So, from me, it’s a huge Good Luck!!

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps.

Kayleigh x

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