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How to choose your on-campus accommodation

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Accommodation was one of my biggest worries before joining university. Which halls was right for me? Who would I be sharing with? Would I get an en suite? How would I afford it? This panic was unnecessary- everything will be fine- here are some tips to help you find which accommodation you would prefer.

  1. Who do you want to share with? What kind of person are you?

Warwick is unique as they ask you to write a paragraph about yourself and match you with likeminded people. In order to do this, they will ask you about your hobbies, bedtime and how you would describe yourself. Be honest and you will get matched with similar people.

There seems to be a misconception that only Rootes has nightlife. This is not how the system works, if there are 12 people similar to you who love a night out but would like to live further out of central campus e.g. Lakeside then you will likely be grouped together .

2. What do you want from your halls?

Some people want a brand-new style to their halls which they can get in Cryfield townhouses or Sherbourne or Bluebell. However the rooms look pretty similar wherever you go as the older accommodations have had some rooms done-up.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to watch the videos of each halls to see what the rooms offer. Click here to view the videos- they are like mini-tour rooms:

Do not choose accommodation based on your subject e.g. Tocil just because it is near the Oculus. You do not know where your lectures/ seminars will be and with more online learning it really doesn’t matter where on campus you go- everything is a 10 minute walk.

Should I share a bathroom?

En- suite is what most people prefer but it is important to note that you are likely to have to share a bathroom in year 2 and 3. By sharing a bathroom you can save a lot of money. An in between option is Claycroft accommodation which is sharing a bathroom but with only one other person- a good compromise.

3. How long do you want your let to be?

35 weeks is the shortest let which reduces the overall price but means that you will need to move your stuff out at Christmas or Easter- the university will let you know which one- then once the holiday is up you can move back in- some see this as good because of the saving but others see it as a hassle. Home students tend to find it easier as they can take their belongings home whereas international students usually have to put their stuff into storage. Accommodations that have this policy tend to be Arthur Vick and Jack Martin- both have places to store a small amount of stuff.

Other accommodations are usually 40 weeks. This means you can keep your stuff in your room until the end of the academic year. I choose this option for convenience.

If you have any questions about accommodation please comment them below and I will do my best to answer. I lived in Sherbourn if this helps. Please note this is an update on previous blog advice about accommodation.

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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