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How to Celebrate the End of Exams and Where to Go!

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Hiya everyone. Although I’m only halfway through my exams, I’m so elated and happy to say that we’ve nearly made it to the end! You should all be so proud of yourselves for how far you’ve come and for all the hard work you’ve put into the exams and finally, for all of your efforts throughout this academic year! In typical end-of-exams style, I thought it would be the perfect time to give insight into how best to celebrate the end of exams and my advice on where to go!

There are so many things to do once university and exams are done for the year. My friends and I are forever sending each other TikToks of group things to do around the UK and abroad, so I can’t wait for these plans to finally come to life!

My first suggestion is to go on holiday. In true ‘post-exams’ fashion, this is the perfect treat for all of those months of strenuous work and stress and is a more than viable excuse to splash out a bit and enjoy time away. This could either be a holiday with friends or with family. I think it’s always a nice idea to go away on a ‘friends holiday’, after all, you’ve all experienced the same stressful experiences over the year, so what better way to end the year than to end it on holiday together! Whether it be booking a holiday abroad, or a road trip around the UK, it’s a lovely way to celebrate getting through the year together!

Another nice thing to do, especially for foodies (like myself), is to explore restaurants and to go out and experience different foods. I can’t wait to return to London and try out all of the restaurant and food places that I’ve got saved on my TikTok! Not only this, but perhaps learn a new skill or expand your culinary skills! Spending an evening with friends after eating a nice homecooked meal and to just chill out together is such an underrated thing to do after exams. Naturally, most individuals look for the next available party or clubbing event, but you have the whole of the summer to do this! What’s nice is to just have a wholesome and relaxing evening in to wind down and enjoy the company of your friends!

Conversely, many people will be counting down the days for exams to finish and to let their hair down on a good night out. Although I emphasised the importance of kicking back and having time to relax, I would encourage you all to make up for all those free weekends that you’ve missed and all those weeks of staying indoors, by going out with your friends and having a good night out! I know I’ll definitely need a night out to let off steam, and it’ll be nice to see other people who you probably wouldn’t have seen for weeks.

A final point from me, is that no matter what you choose to do or how you decide to celebrate the end of exams, make it a priority. Acknowledge how hard you’ve worked throughout this academic year and take time off for yourself, in whatever form you like. Plan ahead and make the most out of it, especially before everyone heads back home for the summer!

Jess x

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Jessica Man | Chemistry 3 year Variants Contact Jessica

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