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How to Beat the January Blues

January can easily get you down; what with exams, deadlines, the cold, and a whole 11 months until Christmas. Though never fear, as I have some handy tips to get you through this tricky month.

Go to Curiositea


This is a given really. With a range of cakes, hot drinks and smoothies, Curiositea is my saviour at this time of year. At the moment they also have a nice selection of vegan treats, and they look just as tasty as the non-vegan cakes! It was Hug In a Mug week this week and I tried the Caramel Truffle Latte which was wondrous.

Contemplate the mysteries of the Koan


The Koan is mystical at any time of the day, but I particularly like it at night when it has started spinning and is all lit up. "Is there a person inside who controls the Koan?", "When does it start turning?"; ponder these questions in the cold January nights.

Eat a Sunday Roast in the Dirty Duck


It turns out that the Dirty Duck has started serving a Roast Dinner on Sundays! For many, me included, this is a real home comfort, and I am planning on trying it out soon!

Walk in Tocil Woods

tocil woods

Tocil Woods is lovely and peaceful, and also has a couple of running routes through it, if that’s your sort of thing. If you’d rather walk, look out for the allotments behind Arthur Vick and the ducks near the lake!

Visit the University Bookshop


I always find getting a new book helps to make me feel better, especially if I have had my eye on one for a while. The university bookshop has some good deals and plenty of new titles, which means it’s a great excuse to treat yourself!

Go to Jephson Gardens


For Leamington-dwellers (and people on campus who fancy a bus journey to Leam) Jephson Gardens is a lovely place to take a walk. It’s also a good place to sit with a book, people watch or grab a drink in the cafe.

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