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How To Beat The January Blues

Now that Christmas is very much behind us, it’s time to start looking towards 2018. When all the partying and festive celebrations are over, you have to face the prospect of heading back to University for an often-stressful term 2 while at the same time possibly dealing with Christmas debts. January is also a horrible month in terms of the weather, so please be aware of and help those who seem low spirited as seasonal depression is very much a thing.

Aiming to adopt a healthy lifestyle is a good way to combat this. Physical exercise releases endorphins whilst it also helps take your mind off the stresses of university. Eating well is also a great way to improve your mood. Try to not feel too bad if you can’t achieve these things right away and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do so as it may take time; the larger the sense of failure, the worse you’re going to feel. If you have the money, book a holiday with friends so you have something to look forward to. If not, then set aside a time to regularly meet with friends, as I know that socialising certainly makes me feel better.

Negative feelings may surface even before term starts. While most people will be out celebrating on New Years Eve or staying in with the family, there are those (such as my family) who do not celebrate the new year. As a result, many people will be spending new year alone which can lead to very negative feelings when you know that a lot of your friends are having a good time. The greatest piece of advice I can give in this situation, is to avoid all forms of social media from around 6pm on New Year’s Eve until the 2 of January (when everyone’s snapchat stories will have disappeared). This may be hard to do, but it will stop you from feeling sad about the celebrations you’re missing out on. Instead, go to bed early and get a very good night’s sleep. Then you’ll wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and quietly smug about the lack of hangover.

This leads me on to my next point about social media. New year is often a time for self-reflection, however negative thoughts often arise from comparing your current self to your previous self or to others. Please remember that social media is not an accurate representation of somebody’s life. People generally only ever post positive things because they want everyone else to think that their life is under control, so you only ever see what they want you to see. Try not to feel jealous of what you see on peoples snapchat stories because everything may not have been as rosy as they made it out to be. Similarly, don’t look upon people in admiration or jealousy who take videos of them drunkenly singing in a club, look upon them instead in pity that their night was miserable enough that they got out their phone in order to convince everyone that they were having an amazing time.

As always, I’m here to talk if anybody has any questions regarding this or any other of my blog posts.

Have a peaceful new year. X

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