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How to Beat the January Blues

January is a funny month. Supposedly the fresh start to achieve all your goals, yet it’s too cold and dark, and you’re still too much in the holiday spirit to start thinking about summer. Okay, I’m aware that January started ages ago and these ideas may have been useful around Black Monday. But we still have a few days left of January and no matter what time of year, everyone needs a little pick me up now and again. Here are some little ideas that may help relieve those down days.

1. Get organised

Rather than stewing in your room in between lectures, head to the library and finish that extra bit of reading. Degrees like History require a lot of self-motivated work and I try my hardest to finish all my reading ahead of seminars to avoid last minute panicking. If, however, you can’t quite face doing that uni work, try to complete the little jobs that you keep avoiding like tidying your room, doing the washing or food shopping.

2. Have a flat night in

These can be hard to organise with people’s different schedules, but some of my favourite nights at uni have been just sitting with my friends, a laptop and some popcorn. Nothing beats a good chick flick or silly comedy, and movie watching is far more enjoyable with company.

3. Stay healthy

This may become a recurring theme in my blogs as I love sport. Exercise keeps you fit and healthy and boosts your attitude with those happiness hormones. Team sports give you an excuse to natter or if you’d rather some thinking time just take yourself for a run or a swim. Healthy eating is also really important especially after I consumed my body weight in chocolate over Christmas and one of my resolutions was to drink more water (FYI it’s meant to be around 2 litres a day, I started over ambitiously at 3). There’s never a better time to start being healthy than now.

4. Do something exciting

Shake up the routine and take a trip somewhere. This weekend I am super busy, visiting friends in Oxford and then heading down to London on Sunday with Warwick Tap Society. It’s good to get out and do new things, visit new places or just catch up with old friends.

5. Hit the town

Although it may not be the solution to everything, alcohol and dancing make a great mix. If something is really getting you down, sometimes the best thing to do is dance the night away and worry about it in the morning. Obviously I wouldn’t do this too often or you might have more problems than you started with, but clubbing is a great way to use your energy and spend time with friends.

6. Treat yourself

Sometimes you need a little pick me up in material form. Try a little retail therapy and buy that new coat or shoes you’ve been after (holiday sales and student discounts make a winning combination). Go out for a meal with friends at the end of a hard week, or buy that cheeky little snack you know will cheer you up. You deserve it!

At the end of the day, most people know themselves what will cheer them up, so just do you. Just remember that everyone has down days, especially in January, the month of cold, darkness and an ever increasing workload. There are so many support networks around you, with friends, family and tutors. Don’t worry, be happy.

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