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How to be productive?

Hello, everyone! Hope you all had a nice Christmas break and are ready for studies!

Today is the last day of holidays and almost all the students are back! After nearly one-month Christmas holidays with our families and friends, it’s quite challenging to get back to a productive daily routine. In fact, so many students were relaxing in the Alps, by the seaside or simply at home. And, as you know, it’s almost impossible to motivate yourself to spend at least an hour a day to study. But most students have to study due to upcoming exams and assessment deadlines. In comparison to school holidays, which give you just pleasant moments, when you don’t think about studies almost at all and just enjoy some free weeks of the academic year.

I am one of you now and I have some great tips to stay productive after such a long break! Remember that we all have to challenge and better ourselves from time to time.

1. PLAN!

Firstly, as a university student, you have to ‘filter’ (control) the duties you have to put them in order according to the necessity and deadlines sometimes. If you have a list of things and your own deadlines, you can become much more productive. I have been studying at a foundation course for just three months but believe me that the to-do list with DEADLINES can save you time. We can call this a plan because every single day has to be planned and has to combine points from your to-do list!

2. LIBRARY is your friend!

When we have so many things to do, it’s quite difficult to be prepared to spend the whole day studying. For instance, when we had a reading week (free week during the term for self-studying), I tried to spend as much time in the library as possible to finish as soon as I can to have a rest in the end of the week. For me, the library is the best place on campus to study, especially quiet zones, because they are proper to concentrate just on studies. Moreover, the atmosphere around forces you to read, learn and finish all the things you planned. Sometimes, I really enjoy to study in the kitchen with my friends and it’s a perfect place to complete some group home tasks.

3. BREAKS are important!

Even when you have plenty of work, don’t forget to have breaks! It’s very crucial in order to stay fresh to study the whole day. SLEEP well, EAT well, DRINK much water and have small breaks to let your brains relax. I advise you to walk outside a bit to breath fresh air and then go back to your workspace.


Everything begins with a goal, a global goal. You must know what you want from life, why you do this particular thing, why you study. If you have a goal, you can reach it step by step.

I hope these tips may help you during your nervous studies! Good luck in the second term!

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