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How to be an exec!

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As all of you know, when you enter the world of university, you will find that there are loads of societies for you to join. From charities to Doctor Who societies and even a TedX society, there is everything catered to anything you need.


This year I was lucky to found and lead UN Women UK Warwick, alongside our amazing exec. We organized events with Coventry Rape and Sexual Assault Centre, Vodafone UK and other societies in the SU during the year. Now, we are giving out our roles to the next group of people that will lead the society. And that could be you!


I have always been keen on volunteering for charities and helping others. During Fresher’s week, my friend Catherine and I went to a bunch of society events, including Women for Women International Warwick and STAR (two societies that I was involved with during my first two years!).


 I am not going to lie: I personally think that joining societies is one of the things that freshers MUST do when they come to university. If you are lucky, you will be assigned with amazing flatmates. However, you must not settle with only that group: make friends with your coursemates (you don’t understand how helpful it is when you have friends you can study with before exams!), and especially, explore and find a society that fits into your beliefs, and you will (hopefully) find friends that share the same likings as you.


Now, let me get into the gist of the whole article. Everyone says that being part of a society is great, but being an exec is something better. Especially in the second year, when you will be seeking internships for spring and summer. Being an executive member (I know right, when you say it like that, it sounds AMAZING) is something worth thinking about when you are in your first year. So here are a few tips:


–       Get involved with a society as much as you can: they have to remember your face. Be fun, open, sociable (I know it is easy to say than do, but being your own self is the best thing in this situation). I recommend getting to know the execs whilst you are in first year: execs will want to know who are the people that will be running their society the next academic year, and whether it will be in good hands or not. If you haven’t had the chance to go to their events, be sure to WOW them with your manifesto!


–       Try to be a fresher representative. Your tasks might be different depending on the society, but you basically have to try and get as many first-years to join the society, and attend all of their events on and off-campus.


–       Election time: they normally ask for you to send you a manifesto describing why you are suited for their role. Compile everything that you have done over the year (it could be things such as attending events, helping out the exec) and things that you have done in Sixth Form that could benefit the society (example: if you were a prefect, you could say that it gave you leadership skills). Just remember that in the majority of the cases you will have to compete for the role against another person or even a bunch of people. If you believe in yourself and you know that you are capable of being a good exec, it will show when it’s election time.


At the end of the day, it is not how good you do at university, it is also what you do around university. The more you can do on campus (that doesn’t affect your mental health), the better! You never know, you might get the role you always wanted! I would say, there is nothing to lose. So, go on, apply!

(If you are interested in applying for UN Women UK Warwick, send in your 300-word manifesto by Monday 23rd March!)

Aisha Morales Park | Modern Languages (Spanish, French and Italian) Contact Aisha Morales

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