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How to be a student for Millennials

Now, since I study the classical world not everything about my life is ancient. All the advice you get from your family and friends about their previous time at university is simply going to be outdated. Why? Because Universities are probably one of the most innovative institutions. They are the homes of leading researchers and academics who find new ways of living and interacting with society.

What we must remember is that students are not here simply to be educated, you are here to explore and discover new aspects of your subject. That’s why people say: "I am reading Classics or Biology" because you are actually here not just to be spoon-fed information, but to go and hunt for your own answers. That’s the true essence of being an independent student. The reason people get firsts in their essays is that they are bringing something unique to the table. So for you to stand out here are some tips to keep yourself updated in the big wide world!

Social Media: Yes, the majority may or may not have it, but for some reason, this is now the only form of communication to prove that you accomplish and, quite frankly, living. It’s best to follow all of your societies and turn of the "see first" option to be immediately updated on your societies if not simply register to their mailing list where you will get frequent emails.

Emails: I actually have made a separate email that deals with my society commitments since I do get an overload of emails. Keep your Warwick email specifically for Warwick things, try not to mix personal with the professional student sphere it begins to get complicated. Linkedin is becoming more and more popular so make sure you are updating this and your CV as you go, you will start to forget what you have got involved in.

Group chats: Believe me I find group chats unbearable! However, here are some tips to keep them organised and concise. Whatsapp has a star option where you can star a message and it saves it, so when you check your starred messages they are all in a separate folder. This is important if you have an address you need to keep at your fingertips or the timing of an event. instead of scrolling up the 100 messages just check your starred ones. Voice notes are the way forward! I find them so useful, I play my voice notes literally when I’m walking around the house doing my chores. It is a big time saver and avoid people misinterpreting your texts which cause a huge problem especially when people start to take things seriously.

Reading for essays: Podcasts, documentaries, Oxford companions…start off simple! The introductory books often have the best ideas to spark off your interest. Then take the time to go into more detailed articles. JSTOR and encore are perfect sources of information for you! Make sure you ask your lecturers for advice.

Have fun prepping for essays reading week will be around the corner!

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