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How to avoid overpacking!

Oh my days the amount I packed for first year was absolutely ridiculous, there were so many things jammed into my dad’s car that my face was basically pressed against the window! So, when I arrived and found out I was on the fourth floor it made the move in day incredibly exhausting particularly because it was extremely hot. It also felt pretty embarrassing because there were student reps who had trollies to help us get our things from the car park to the halls and it took me far more trips than anyone else (though they were very nice about it).  

Clothes- If you have not worn something in a month and it’s not seasonal don’t pack it. There’s no point bringing an itchy sweater some well-meaning relative knitted you if you’re not going to wear it! Additionally, when it comes to seasonal clothes consider whether you’ll be visiting home before the hot/cold weather hits because if you are you can swap around your wardrobe then. I used to be one of those people who’d wear one outfit on a night out and then not want to wear it again but what you have to remember at uni is that you’re meeting new people all the time so you can reuse the same clothes constantly, so you don’t need to bring hundreds of dresses for example.  

Books- I’m a big bookworm so I brought lots of books to Uni but to be honest I rarely found time to read them. If you don’t read much now then you’re unlikely to suddenly change when you get to Warwick so try to be realistic. You’ll have to read a lot more academic writing too which is likely where you’ll end up focusing your attention.  

General ‘stuff’- My room is filled with ‘things’ that I’ve accumulated over the years that serve no real purpose other than mildly amusing me when I have a clear out and find them. I don’t mean decorative items because it’s important to have those to create a homely feel. Examples from my room are; a random wooden mouse, a stretchy man, a multitude of signs and doorhangs, boxsets I haven’t watched in years and more. These things may be small but boy do they add up when you decide to take everything so try and be ruthless and evaluate whether you actually need it. As the Kondo strategy says if it doesn’t spark joy thank it and get rid! 

I hope this helps a little and gives you some new focus while packing. Good luck moving in and don’t worry too much university can seem scary but it’s such a great experience! 

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