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How to *Actually* Keep your New Year’s Resolutions…

For all those who have already accidentally broken their “Veganuary”/ “Get fit”/ “Don’t procrastinate” promises, I hope these tips help you hold yourself to your New Year’s Resolutions for the rest of 2020!

Be Specific

How can you do your resolution, if you don’t actually know what you’re trying to do…!? Swap “Read more”, with “Read for 15 minutes every morning” – try giving a where/ what/ when/how-long to your resolution, this way you have a tangible task to complete that’s a lot more satisfying and manageable than a vague goal.

Start Small

Sure, there’s something exhilarating about being that person that goes on a 6am jog every single morning, but maybe you should consider being the person who goes on a jog every Saturday at 9 instead… It’s easy to have an all-or-nothing approach to New Year’s resolutions, because, well, 2020 you is different right? Going from 0-100 is hard, and unsustainable… better to have gone on 52 runs over the year, than one on Jan 1!

Tip: Once you have mastered your goal, then you can add that second weekly run  – consistency first, complexity later.

Track your progress

Whether on an app or crossing off each day on a calendar – track your progress. There’s something oh so satisfying about getting a string of three, ten, thirty crosses… Keep yourself accountable and motivated.

Get back up

For daily habits, try and follow the two-day rule – allow yourself rest days, but not in a row! Similarly, to how it’s nice to get a string of crosses, unfortunately strings of blanks can accumulate just as easily…

And get up again…

There will be times, whether you’re travelling, have three assignments or just are having a bit of a slump, where you do miss a couple (or a few…) days. Sometimes life just gets in the way and that’s okay! But, have you ever had one biscuit, then two, and then, well because you’ve already had two whole biscuits…finished the whole pack? Be conscious of this ‘what-the-hell?’ effect and try not to fall into its trap! So, after you’ve finished travelling or got those assignments in, pick up where you left off!

Tip: Track your habit in two week doses, this way every fortnight becomes a new chance to be that perfect 2020 you!

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