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How RAW1251AM is adapting to online events

If you don’t know what RAW1251AM is I’m here to enlighten you! RAW1251AM is Warwick’s very own student lead radio station that is usually (pre-COVID times) based in the broadcasting studio in the SUHQ. Much like every other society we have had to adapt to the new ways of the world so I have been asked to document some of the ways we’ve done this.

So, where do I come in all this? This year I am on the exec for RAW and I currently act as the Head of Marketing, Sponsorship/ Fundraising and Publicity. Yeah, it’s a lot. The virus has meant that we’ve all had to take on a lot more roles in order to keep RAW in good shape. And although it has been very stressful at times, it’s also been kinda fun trying to think of ways to adapt the plans that we originally had planned so that they are still accessible online.

For example, our amazing social secretary, Tieneke, has had the immensely difficult job of trying to keep us all entertained and social despite us never being in the same room at the same time. One way that she has been able to do this is by utilising platforms like good old Microsoft Teams.

As you can see by the lovely screenshot above we’ve taken to using functions such as ‘Breakout Rooms’ to make for a more intimate setting when we have put on slightly larger events. We also do this in the hope that it will make newcomers feel a bit more at ease if they attend our events because we know it can be quite daunting to speak in a call with a lot of people.

Obviously having socials online has its limitations, but it has also meant that we have gotten a lot more creative with the type of events that we are putting on. For example, for our first RAW social Tieneke organised a live version of ‘The Great RAW Bake Off’. This consisted of a teams call in which everyone competed to see who could bake the best cookies. Here are a couple of the end results:

We aren’t the best bakers, but we can make some great radio!

Overall, I think the biggest change has been to the way that we broadcast! Ordinarily we would be broadcasting shows live from the studio, but since the virus we have moved all of our content onto a platform called Mixcloud. This has allowed us to continue to produce content by reposting shows that students have pre-recorded from their homes and sent in. People have varied in home they have recorded their shows: some have recorded them on their phones, others have captured the audio from Zoom call etc. We have even had a number of online training sessions for new students that have joined the society. I’m hoping this shows just how easy it is to start a radio show at Warwick! If you’d like to hear some examples of our stuff please check out our Mixcloud.

We are currently in the middle of our specialist Black History Month programming which means so much to me as one of few Black Women in the radio industry. Last year we were awarded by the Student Radio Awards for our work on Black History Month and this year we have been nominated twice for the ‘Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity’ award by the SRA. I really think the industry is making a move in the right direction so its so nice and important to see societies like RAW continuing to make the effort despite everything that is going on. Inclusivity is so important to me so if you’ve ever considered radio but are feeling a little reluctant please feel free to send me a message! If you want to join the society simply buy your membership on the SU website and check out the Facebook page for regular updates and details on how to get training etc!

Hope to see some of you guys on the exec soon. Stay safe! xoxo

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