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How Often Should I Be Going Home?

I recently took an unofficial reading week and went home for five days, mostly because I had the flu but also because I just really, really wanted to go home.

There’s this feeling sometimes that you shouldn’t go home too much when you’re at university, and to an extent I think that’s true. If you go home every weekend, you can miss out on making friends at the uni, and end up feeling isolated and alone. That being said, I know lots of people who are home regularly, and still have a wide circle of friends and an active social life.

Last term, I felt that I had to restrict how often I went back home to see my parents, and ended up going back twice in the term. But I was ill and unhappy, and sometimes wished I could go back anyway. Also, I just really wanted to see my mum.

In contrast, this term, I told myself that I could go back more regularly. I try to see my parents every three weeks or so, and am next popping down to see my mum mid-week, for a couple of days when my lectures got moved. As a result, I’m happier at uni because I know that, if I need to, I can hop on a train and be back home as soon as I want.

To that extent, I am lucky, because I live a two-hour journey from uni. Some friends want to go home but can’t – one American friend went an entire year without seeing his parents, something which I couldn’t fathom, but if you live thousands of miles away, is necessary. Some friends live exactly where I do and still only go home at holidays.


It’s all about what makes you happy. When I was a fresher, I did worry what other people would think if I went home every two/three weeks, but I also knew I was very homesick, and I wanted to go back. While I do think sometimes you should try and brazen it out, stay at uni and experience the bright lights of Leamington Spa on a Friday once in a while, don’t force yourself to if you don’t want to. If you want to go home, go home. If you don’t want to, don’t. Don’t do what I did and force yourself to do something which feels wrong – you’ve got to figure out the balance of home/uni that works for you, and stick with that. 

  • Winny

    I moved to my Uni town early and term only starts in six weeks so I’m feeling a bit lonely and overwhelmed especially since I’m very far away from my home town (7 hrs on the train) and just really want to visit. But it’s so expensive to take the train which means I’ll only get to visit in five months in August. Really trying to hang in there!


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