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How many societies should you join?

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I get this question a lot. Whether you’re a fresher or a returning student, you probably have some societies in mind that you want to join. But how many is too many? Should they all be related to your degree / career path? How do you engage with societies when you don’t know anyone who is a member?

Note: I’m not going to attempt to give any insight on sports clubs because I am not a sporty person at all!

Academic / Career Societies

If there is a society directly related to your degree / intended career, you should absolutely join it! For me, that means I’m a member of Warwick Law Society and Warwick Bar Society. This will give you access to career events, networking events, socials with students that you will have a lot in common with, and advice from older students! Other pros include things like book sales so you gain buy second-hand textbooks from students in the year above you!

Volunteering / Outreach Societies

If you want to gain some volunteering experience and give back to your local community, there are loads of societies that will allow you to do so! As a great starting point, Warwick Volunteers posts regular volunteering opportunities and you can sign up specifying you interests, ideal time commitment and location so you can find opportunities that will work for you.

Some other volunteering- / outreach-based societies include:

It Happens Here


RAG (Raising and Giving)

Warwick STAR (Student Action for Refugees)

Stop & Listen (homelessness action)

Vegan & Vegetarian Society

Warwick Marrow

Warwick First Aid Society

and loads more!

Skill-Based Societies

Some societies are great for developing skills. For example, Warwick Debating Society or Warwick Public Speaking Society are great for developing public speaking and advocacy skills. Similarly, AIESEC is great for developing leadership skills.

Learning new skills is a great way to spend your free time and you’ll likely make friends along the way!

Hobbies & Interest Societies

You can join societies based on hobbies you already have, or things you may want to try! Whether it’s art, music, performing, sport, documentaries, manga, or anything else – there’s probably a society out there for you!

How Many?

My advice is to join as many societies as you are interested in. A lot of people say only join 2-3 societies but I think it depends on how committed you want to be.

For the societies you are most interested in, I would join 2-3. If it’s an academic / career society or a hobby you are already committed to, you’ll likely want to go to a lot of the events so don’t join too many.

For anything else, you can join and just pick and choose which events to go to! Even if you only go to 2 events in the entire year, you’ll be able to meet some people and might learn something new or just have a fun night out.

Most society memberships are free or very inexpensive. I joined loads of free societies so that if I want to go to an event I can. With the paid societies, I weighed up the cost against the amount of events I could see myself attending (try looking at past event schedules if they haven’t released details of this year’s events!) and decided if it was worth it.

How to engage?

Follow all the societies you join on social media. Turn on social media notifications and try to attend at least one event in the first week or two if you can. That’s the best way to get involved from the very beginning, especially since a lot of people won’t know each other yet so it’s easier to meet new people!

After you’ve attended a few events, you can turn off notifications as you’ll probably hear about events in group chats or from your new friends from the society!

Summary – engage as much or as little as you want to. Take the plunge and attend events early on in the year when people haven’t formed close-knit groups yet because it will be easier to fit in! Remember that joining a society doesn’t usually mean you have to attend every event they run!

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