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How Long is Too Long?

As I drag myself through the last week of term (much like Leo in the famous Wolf of Wall Street scene) I have been finalising plans for what on earth I am going to be doing over the Easter holidays. Through its curious administrative system, Warwick university gives its students 5 weeks break over the Paschal period which can be considered both a blessing and a curse. Therefore, in this post I intend to outline both the pros and cons of such a situation…(apologies if they seem obvious).


– It’s 5 weeks…

You have a ton of time to gorge on chocolate, to see your friends and just to catch up on sleep without having to worry about fixing yourself dinner because you’re at home. The Easter holidays serve as a welcomed break from the strangely exhausting 14-contact-hour weeks which you have grown used to.

– Exams are a comin’…

5 weeks leaves you with ample opportunity to cram for your summer exams which could start as soon as 1 week into next term. Realistically, 5 weeks is enough time to teach yourself a whole module if you need to (maybe even with a little time left over to go out with your home friends).

– Work experience opportunities

With the extra time you have away from university, you have much more of a chance of gaining some sort of work experience; whether it be a paid retail job just to get some going-out money for term three, or a voluntary position in order to bolster your CV, either way it helps you develop, it structures your time off and, if nothing else, it prevents boredom.

This April, for example, I have organised to return to the camp at which I worked in Germany for 2 weeks. I am damn excited and it looks attractive to employers because it shows that you haven’t frittered away all your free time.


– Summer is around a few more corners…

It is not uncommon for me to ask my friends at other universities when they finish for summer and for them to supply me with a date that is a few days after my return back to Warwick for term 3. It can sometimes suck that occasionally your summer may not begin until the early/mid-June, especially when you’re doing exams and your friends are all on holiday. At least it could be worse, remember back in secondary school when summer started in mid-July?

– Where are my friends?

Beginning in mid- March and ending in mid-April, the Warwick Easter break does very often flank other universities’ inter-term breaks. That is to say that, often I break up before some of my friends and then return to university later than them. This means that for certain weeks of the holiday, I have no friends back at home which can be useful for revision purposes but can also be thoroughly depressing when you just want to get out of the house.

– Oh the guilt…

Having so long before returning for Term 3 really leaves you with no excuse for not having prepared for your exams. Meaning that if/when you don’t get that studying done, you are plagued with a guilt unparalleled to that of when you miss a seminar because you’re too hungover/stayed up too late watching Netflix. Determination and strong emotional management skills are both requisite for handling a Warwick Easter.

And there behold! My three pros and three cons of a Warwick Easter. This year, I must confess I am pleased for the extra time as it has given me much more flexibility for when I can schedule my studying (I have tried to be realistic). Naturally, it can be a bit of a pain in the backside to finish so late for the summer but just think of it as making up for the free time which you gained by not having to begin revising so early on in the year.

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