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How I’ve made final year my best year at uni

Final year has been by far my favourite year at uni!! Personally I found 2nd year econ harder and more intense as this year I’ve had the freedom to choose all of my modules so I’ve tailored them to my interests and strengths. We also do a dissertation and although I initially didn’t want to do one, I think it’ll turn out to be my favourite and most rewarding module. I’ve written about a few things which I’ve started doing to treasure my last year at uni:


“Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today”

Quotes always stick with me- this is one that I stumbled across on Quora and I love it. During my first couple of years at uni, I put myself down as people seemed smarter and better than me. That’s not true as I always compared my weaknesses to other people’s strengths. This year I’ve really learnt to love all my strengths and have become proud of all my achievements as they’re good achievements for me, despite the fact there’s other people doing better. 


Sunday Funday

Sundays are now my favourite day of the week and that was never the case. I read a behavioural economics paper which explained that individuals preferred Fridays’ over Sundays as Sundays are spent anticipating Monday looming; I wanted to make Sundays my favourite days so I don’t work at all on them. It’s made me work more efficiently throughout the week and I always look forward to Sundays. The Sunday just gone, I was at the Stoneleigh park carboot sale by 7am (I buy and sell items on eBay and this is my favourite way to start a Sunday morning). After that I chilled, then went out for lunch to Turtle Bay with my boyfriend and wandered around Leam. I then finished the day off watching netflix and it was such a fun, relaxing day. I can’t wait until next Sunday now and I’d really recommend a Sunday Funday for everyone; a day just to yourself where you focus on you and forget about work & commitments. I understand that this isn’t possible for a lot of people as I used to study and work on Sundays but juggling my schedule about, I now  feel more relaxed the whole week. 

Eating healthy and exercising is SO important

In general my health and diet isn’t bad- I have a healthy breakfast, make a packed lunch most days and try to cook a variety of meals for tea. I go on runs and try to get out and about when I can. Last week this all changed as I ate out a few times, had a lot of fast food and didn’t do any exercise; and I felt much more stodgy, drained and lazy than usual. So a way I’m going to treasure my last year is by eating healthy and getting enough sleep- your optimism and energy really improves after a good night’s sleep! Moreover, I realised I actually didn’t enjoy running despite doing it for a couple of years now; it was just habit. Instead, I’ve started playing squash and going to zumba classes and enjoying the exercise I do so much more. 

Making the most of Leamington Spa

It’s hit me that this will be the last ever year I’m living in Leamington and I’ll miss it. I’ll miss the parade, the atmosphere, living so close to friends and being in a student town (I definitely won’t miss the traffic though). I’ve started going to Leamington FC football matches, walking around town more, going to the Leamington learning grid and going to more pubs/ bars. It’s really weird to think that I’ll probably never return to somewhere that was my home for two years so I’m treasuring the last 5 months I have here

Although this was quite a random list, the overall message is that it’s so important to enjoy life and remember you’re also at uni to learn about yourself and enjoy!

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