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How it Feels to be Officially Done with First Year

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

So with exams season coming to an end, I have officially finished my first year of Uni. How does it feel? Well I do feel that the actual realisation of first year of university ending, has yet to dawn on me completely, but looking back, so much has happened this year- from the more positive experiences to the less. I have experienced so many things that I know has helped me develop and grow as a person and now I can honestly say that coming out of my first year of university I certainly feel much more grounded and independent now compared to when I first set foot on campus as a naïve fresher.

I still recall my secondary school graduation like it was yesterday, saying bye to all my friends as we all went our separate ways to different universities scattered around the world and assuring my family I would be fine living 15 hours away from home by myself in a new environment. This year was surely quite an adventure and it really wouldn’t have turned out to be such a great experience without the amazing company and friends I had the honour of having by my side throughout these three incredible terms. The company you make and the people you surround yourself are really one of the key defining factors that will make or break your first year experience, and as it goes life is what you make it. Being with people who you enjoy being around, who you feel comfortable being with, who respect you and care for you and you in return equally value their company and friendship is something so precious and it tends to be taken for granted, especially amongst the youth these days. People who will always be there for you, are indispensable and this is especially comforting when you are an international student, far away from the comforts of home. It’s definitely nice to know people have your back.

I never expected my first year of university to be easy, I was very much prepared to deal with the challenges I would be faced with, some more than other in all honestly but nevertheless. First year of university was the first time I had ever lived away from my parents and this was terrifying for me, especially as I am an only child, I was practically inseparable to my parents when I was growing up. This was my first time living so far away from home, having to get used to the fact I would be needing to take care of myself and my needs from cooking meals, washing up, doing laundry, all on top of balancing rigorous academic work and even society demands. My first year at university was also the first time I got to experience my first job and earning my own money and not having to fully rely on the monetary support of my parents and I feel very accomplished and satisfied with how my first year turned out in general.

Thankfully, as first year courses are generally pass or fail, this was something that I feel many of us first years were very grateful for, especially because it was the first set of proper exams we sat through in a new curriculum layout and I for sure did not know what to expect when I sat through my first exam, or what was expected of me to receive a high mark. This experience has definitely primed me for next year and I am really looking forward to the extra modules I will be able to explore next year within my course. Additionally I will definitely be more prepared for exam season, now that I know how the general logistics work.

I always used to take the comments people made about how your years at university are really one of the most enjoyable times of your life with a grain of salt, but based on this year alone, I can certainly say it has been quite an adventure and I cannot wait to see what the next few years have in store for me.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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