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How it Feels to be Back as a Second Year so Far

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

After all the relaxing and recuperating during the past few months of summer break, it’s back to the hustle and bustle of university life. Following the hassle of unpacking all my belongings and settling into my new room I finally feel (somewhat) ready to face the year ahead.

The first week back has been quite busy, especially with regards to taking up executive positions in clubs and societies, there was no choice but to hit the ground running once Freshers week kicked in. The past week was quite saturated with work as the societies and club fairs were ongoing as well as all the socials planned. Thankfully in my case, official lectures didn’t start until this week, even though the first week back involved loads of induction lectures and seminars. I do admit though that after seeing all the freshers wandering around campus with the very familiar excitement that I recall I felt from last year I do feel quite nostalgic and wish I could experience being a fresher again. My goals for this year are mainly to work on my time management and also put in more effort for my external reading material, as this year is critical for my degree and I am sure many other second years are also feeling the dawning reality of this. The fact that I am also very much involved with different societies is also something I am really planning to focus on in terms of appropriate leadership roles and being more organised to make sure that everything runs smoothly and all the members are satisfied with how things are panning out.

Comparing how I feel now to how I felt a year ago it’s amazing to be able to be back on campus and reuniting with all the friends I made the past year. Despite some new adjustments to get used to, with living in a new accommodation and new elective modules to prepare for, I have a good feeling for the year ahead. As second years we are now older, wiser (I hope) and more experienced compared to the previous year of many trials and errors.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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